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Natural Health Education

A major trend today is to find natural remedies for minor ailments, and even some major diseases. There is an entire branch of medicine known as Naturopathic medicine, which deals with this idea. Naturopathic medicine involves taking a natural approach to preventing and treating illness by considering the whole person. If you are interested in pursuing this fascinating field of study, then perhaps earning your Natural Health degree is the right answer. If you work full time and/or care for a family, then perhaps the solution for you is to consider an online degree program. There is several degree programs offered in the field of Natural Health. Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and even Doctorate degrees are available in the fields of Natural Health, Holistic Nutrition, and Naturopathy. Certificate programs are also offered in such subjects as Herbal Studies. Among the topics you might study on your way to your degree are herbs, massage therapy, exercise, and nutrition.

Natural Health Schools

Natural Health incorporates natural remedies and therapies to affect good health, accepting that understanding and respecting the capacity of the body to defend and heal itself. The Natural Health practitioner believes that illness is a result of a weakened body, one that is in imbalance, and that the inherent natural healing process of the body itself is the treatment. Natural healing is a concerted effort of the entire body and is achieved by the organism as a whole.

Natural health schools offer a wide assortment of diploma and certificate programs geared toward alternative or natural health care. Often, much of the practical training is composed of a variety of natural healing modalities including relaxation methods such as massage and massage therapy, Shiatsu, energy healing, reflexology, and aromatherapy. Additional courses may include iridology, herbal medicine, and kinesiology, to name just a few.

Other programs offer certificates for subjects like herbal studies, iridology studies, healthcare professional studies and companion animal studies. There is no degree earned though these four subjects and I’m not quite sure how a certificate from any of those subjects could be used.

Natural health schools often provide comprehensive training programs geared toward self-healing and natural healing arts that may include but are not limited to acupressure, aromatherapy, color therapy, crystal healing, flower essences and essential oils, herbalism, homeopathy, ear candling, hypnotherapy, iridology, kinesiology, life coaching, massage, nutrition and many others.

Natural Health College

A natural health college may also supply extensive training in chiropractic, Chinese medicine and naturopathic medicine. These particular programs involve several years of in-depth study, and result in a degree and/or diploma. For example, a naturopathic natural health college teaches fundamentals of naturopathy, as well as herbal medicine, natural healthcare and nutrition, homeopathy, touch therapy and case taking. Overall, a natural health college offers prospective students a diverse selection of subject matter from which to choose; and is essential in achieving any one of numerous natural healing professions.

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