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Nursing as a Profession

Nursing is one of the noblest professions in the world, which reminds us of Florence Nightingale. In the healthcare sector, nurses play a leading role from the operating theatre to the general ward and form an integral part. The largest group of workers in the health sector is those in the nursing occupations as nurses and nursing assistants. With the expansion of the health industry, the demand for nurses is also increasing making the career very attractive. As knowledge based discipline devoted to the betterment of humanity, nursing has developed into an art as well.

Recognized as an altruistic behavior, this profession includes a wide range of responsibilities and candidates need to dedicate time, personal effort and most of all, determination in caring for people’s well-being. As one of the most diverse of all healthcare professionals, it is all about blending together the science of today’s health care practices with the art of caring.

Generally nurses are required for the bedside care of patients, but it changes with the qualification and the working environment. They starts with bedside care, gradually acquires specialized skills which helps them to manage special group of people like intensive care patients, psychiatric, pediatric, etc. They provide medical care for patients, take care of those needing surgery, accident and focuses on the patient’s medical and emotional needs. Besides they need to provide medication, keep records of the patients’ progress, help in setting up and operating medical equipment, administration and several other schedule tasks.

Scope in nursing career

There is a great scope in nursing career- it is at a time very interesting, rewarding and challenging. The quality of health care services is improving and raising the demands for skilled and specialized nurses. One can get employment in specialized fields like Surgical, Medical, ICU, Telemetry and ER. They can choose like to join the government or private hospitals, nursing homes, military services, orphanages, clinics, old age homes, industries and schools. Yet, this profession calls for dedication and long hours of work that includes night shifts and extension of duties in emergency cases.

There are different types of nursing career options, including: Geriatric, Psychiatry, children’s, surgical and learning disabilities. Midwifery and Health Worker another related career options available. There are also specialist areas such as cardiac nursing, orthopedic, palliative care, perioperative and oncology.

There are a number of educational paths to becoming a professional nurse, which vary greatly worldwide, but all involve extensive study of nursing theory and practice and training in clinical skills. B. Sc Nursing, General Nursing & Midwifery and M.Sc. Nursing are some of the major courses, after completing one of the above mentioned courses; one can start to work in the hospital or private institutions.

We at Vydehi Institute of Nursing are committed to excellence in education and offer our students world class infrastructure, matchless scientific expertise, a meticulous faculty and above all a motivating environment for students to pursue their higher studies. The main aim of the college is to emerge as a centre that will cater to Nursing Education and research and to prepare well disciplined quality nurses who will spread their excellent services to people all over the world. If you are interested in becoming a nurse, wandering how to get into the field, feel free to contact us at

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