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Nursing Assistant Burnout

Nowadays, being a nursing assistant has a hell lot of benefits and rewards, such as highly respectable and paying job profile, chance to serve others, working for a cause apart from other fringe and infringe benefits. But as a part of their daily routine most of the time they need to work in shifts and odd hours. In case of emergencies they may have to work for extended hours. That may cause them to get stressed and burnout.


However, technically speaking stress and burnouts are two different mental and physical conditions that need to be understood clearly with a sharp demarcation between these two. Though, stress and burnout are totally different but as their signs and symptoms are same so often even sufferers don’t know for what they are suffering from. In simple medical terms stress is something which is temporary in nature.

It may come and go, whereas burnout stays for a longer time even for the lifetime. Due to burnout they are affected severely mentally, physically and emotionally. As result they may not be able to perform their tasks properly, so eventually either they leave their current job or sometimes hired by the administration. So at one hand they are negatively affected due to financial problems while on the other due to their poor mental condition sometimes their family life is disturbed.


Believe it or not, it is quite pathetic to see some of the bright, compassionate and ready-to-serve others nursing assistants leaving their job due to burnout. Once what they saw as a perfect job becomes a strong reason for their mental, physical and emotional condition.

Psychologist and researchers are constantly finding ways to overcome this problem to save a majority of nursing assistants who are increasingly being affected due to burnout. Nowadays management and supervisors seem to be really serious issue and they are showing positive interest in nursing assistant counseling. Most of these counselors help these disturbed and adversely affected nursing assistants to understand the causes of burnout and eventually help them overcome this dangerous symptom.


These counselors work in coordination with nursing assistants and other staff members to impart different training programs and ask management to offer different reward programs and salary hike so that these nursing assistants can feel better inside-out.

To save them and to help save the lives of diseased people in hospitals we certainly need to take care of these nursing assistants who are often get exhausted or drained out to perform their highly demanding and complex tasks. Otherwise a day will come when we won’t see much of these nursing assistants to look after us when we may need their timely care and service.


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