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Nutritional Supplements Guided By Your DNA

Our genes hold the answer to determining our lifestyle and nutrient well being. Millions of Americans are taking nutritional supplements and applying skin care products in a never ending battle to stay & look younger, feel better, and treat our ailments. We take these based on what we see and hear with a small percentage of us actually getting advice from our health care providers. For most of us, this guessing game leaves us uncertain, confused and wondering if the nutritional supplements we are ingesting and the topical skin care we are applying is right for our specific individual needs.

So the question is, “Why not customize our nutritional needs based on our genetic code better known as our DNA”?

The New Wellness Revolution Is ALL About Genetically Guided Nutrition

With over half the population of the United States taking nutritional supplements and using skin care products the vast majority of us are uncertain as to what we’re using and why. Many times this “guessing” approach leads to the over or under consumption of vitamins and minerals and active ingredients. For the most part, the very nutrients that the body and skin requires never make it into the shopping cart. We are rapidly realizing that the era of “one size fits all” is quickly coming to an end!

Genetics And Personalized Health

Small variations in our genes can have a significant influence on how well our body responds to food, nutrients, physical activity, environmental stresses and how we may be predisposed to other health and physiological conditions.

Within every human cell is an individual’s blueprint for life-our DNA. DNA contains the master information that is needed to construct and maintain the human body.

By analyzing and understanding our unique genetic strengths and weaknesses, we can eliminate the guesswork and “genetically guide” the optimal nutritional supplements or skincare formulation according to a LifeMap Healthy Aging Assessment.

This is a revolutionary new scientific approach to delivering formulations that fulfill INDIVIDUAL needs based on genetics.

Making Wellness Personal

Genewize is a personalized health, beauty and wellness company that provides individually formulated, high quality, “genetically guided” products. Research has proven that most of us are simply guessing when it comes to our health. We choose products that aren’t specific to our needs and wind up with too much of some ingredients and not enough of the other. We often miss finding the key nutrients we really need and just waste our money in the process.

Now more than ever, it is important that we take personal responsibility for our overall health and wellness. Genewize has combined the sciences of genetics, nutrition and skin care to bring us the LifeMap Nutrition and Skin Care Systems designed to help us achieve our best possible health future.

We now can rest easy knowing we can feed our bodies the ultimate personalized formula to help us reach and maintain optimal health, longevity and well being. To find out more you can go to

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I am dedicated to learning, teaching and growing! I love empowering others by sharing how you can get customized nutrition based on your DNA. Genetically guided nutrition is now the No. 1 choice of people wanting to take their health to the next level.

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