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Online Casino: Talk The Casino Lingo

The advancement of technology had lead to such a vast number of improvements in all aspects of life most especially within the casino gambling community. One of the many conveniences that casino lovers and enthusiasts take advantage nowadays is the emergence of the online casinos. It had given gamblers and even non-gamblers a chance to bring the casino in the comforts of their living room. This is the major impulse that brought online casinos its continuous popularity throughout the globe.

Given this popularity advancement, there had been some micro-innovations that online casino players around the world had developed over the times. They have coined new terms to substitute some of the usual casino jargons that most people use. These casino lingo’s are supposed to make the gamblers look cool. One example is the bone which actually means the dice. You can roll the bone at a backgammon table! This is a term that, more often than not, younger gamblers had invented. The word bill also has a new meaning now. It actually means a hundred dollar bill. So if someone bets a bill, you know that he’s not betting just a lame dollar. Being aware of this term can actually help you when playing casino games the require you to be sensitive with what your competitors are doing and saying. Progressive is another term that casino players are using recently. Progressive games are casino games where the jackpot keeps on growing until such time that some lucky player wins the pot of money that was accumulated from each play.

When playing slots or when you’re playing poker in a table, you may hear the word fill. If you’re not familiar with this term, it actually means replenishment. When more chips are brought to a table game, a player is actually filling. When a slot machine’s hopper needs to be replenished with coins, it is also called filling.

When you’re playing in an actual casino, beware of the pit. The pit is an area in a casino that is off-limits to the casino players. It is where the boss of supervises and monitors all that is happening on the floor, meaning the gaming area. You don’t want to be lost in the pit because the pit boss will think that you have some bad intentions and will just bring you trouble.

Gaming is a newer term for gambling. Although not many gamblers use this term, some online casino players opt to say gaming instead of gambling because of the negative connotation that gambling had over the years of its existence. Participating in a game can actually mean that you’re participating in a casino game.

The word action can mean several things. Action can mean the amount of money a player bets during one casino gambling session. It can also refer to the annual amount of play or casino deposits in a period of time specified by the casino management.

Finally, the term all-in, which most gamblers nowadays are familiar with, means that a gambler is betting everything he’s left in a table. Some online casino players use the term all-in to imply that they are already broke or they are already exhausted after a day of gambling.

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