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Schofield Media – Healthcare

Schofield Media – Healthcare

Launched in 2006 and acquired SB communications as one of the leading publishers and event organizer. It is for international business to business media companies wants to launch healthcare as an important medium for saving lives of people. Schofield media collaboration with SB communications strengthens its content ability and allows it to raise as one of the leading media companies on globe. The joint venture allows them to work effectively in setting up conference and exhibitions about health related care and information. This will not only give knowledge to the people but also to medical practioners, medical related consumers and buyers.
Schofield media again acquires Health comm. UK in 2008, which extends its field of expertise to wound care, lymph-edema, end life care, dermatology and continence. It is truly a 21st century media, consider it a company built on steps of success. Professional and elite skills are used to make journals look and read good. The rich content in them gives the reader a comprehensive knowledge about the disease and its remedies. It has become a mission of Schofield media Healthcare Media group to reach to the right reader through journals, magazines, data, research and events.

Wounds UK: One of the journal and event organizers specializes in the field of wound healing and management.

Dermatology UK: Specialist in dermatology and skin care.

Lymph-edema UK

Continence UK: Specialist and aspirant nurse in the field of continence.

End of Life Care: Nurses involved in end of life care.

E-Clinic: Educational and clinical support pack for nursing homes in the UK.

Schofield media healthcare media specializes in journals and book publishing, event management, education and training. The company includes number of market leading journals, events that are related to the healthcare business. The business flourishes as there are number of health related people, consumer and customer involves. The urge of continuous growth reflects company?s success and desire to continue increasing reach in health care sector. High quality and practical information from a renowned source become a part of publishing. Setting up conferences and events is a convincing source of spreading information to readers. The Schofield media maintains high degree of reputational stability among the event organizers which are welcoming towards them every time there is high need of education people through journals and conferences.
Schofield Media Group has shown skills in making healthcare journals friendly-easily understandable to reader so that it can be eye catching for every other person and organization. The mission Schofield Media is to accept and release developed portfolio that have come and invested in.


Founder and CEO, Andrew Schofield media concluded; “This is a very exciting time for our company and I expect this acquisition to support our continued growth into a leading Healthcare media company.”

Schofield Media Partners with Nxtbook Media, LLC

Schofield Media has partnered with Nxtbook Media, LLC to produce digital editions of its business-to-business titles, including Construction Today, U.S. Business Review and Exploration + Processing. The new digital editions will offer an enhanced interactive experience for readers, profiled companies and advertisers.

Readers will be able to view every page of the print magazines in an interactive online format. These paper-free editions also serve to further Schofield Media Group’s commitment to green business.

Nxtbook Media, LLC works with magazine publishers, catalog publishers and corporate marketers, finding ways to leverage traditional print material for optimized use online. Nxtbook Media, LLC is headquartered in the United States, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has customers worldwide.

Schofield Media Group is a leading international business-to-business media company delivering value-rich content throughout North America and Europe. It operates offices in Norwich, Essex and London, U.K., as well as in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle.

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