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Securtiy Fingerprint Locks

Burglaries in houses are very common and what do we do to avoid this? Axxis Biometrics specializes in security devices such as commercial and even residential fingerprint door locks and other security products. Burglars enter someone’s home most often during the wee hours of the night, when everyone is asleep and doors left unlocked makes it easier for them to crash inside. But this isn’t always the case, right? There are doors that can easily be kicked in, door locks are picked or hammered and even drilled out until they fall off and door panes especially glass doors are broken. But there is also the chance that these thieves actually have access to your door keys through an old care taker a nanny who had your keys copied or even when you accidentally lose your key and a thief got a hold on them…these possibilities are endless.

This is where a high security device such as a fingerprint lock is recommended. These are advanced locks and are not lacking in mechanical prowess, built specifically for your home or business use. Whether you are shopping for combination lock boxes, drop safes, exit alarms, fire rated burglary safes, floor safes, garage door remotes, gun safes, high security locks, hotel safes, key cabinets or even keyless door locks…this is the website of choice for your door lock considerations. These locks can even be customized to your personal needs and requirements.

More and more U.S senior citizens are taking measure to secure their personal security and safety, especially as the desire to live independence and challenges of declining health.

The statistic reported that crime rates that affecting senior Americans citizens has decreased during the last decades and actually lower than they may seem.

However, every senior citizen must take a few simple safety precautions to reduce their risk and increase their sense of security in their daily lives.

The wave of the future is upon us.

No longer will your kids have to take keys with them to school that can be lost, or fumble with passwords, or other inconveniences to get into their own house.

Now, a simple swipe of the finger will do just fine.

The Master Lock smartTouch garage door opener, developed by BioMETRX using AuthenTec’s fingerprint sensor, is the world’s first universal finger-activated garage door opener, replacing traditional keypads and keys with advanced finger -activated technology. Providing a more convenient alternative to carrying keys or remembering pin codes, a simple swipe of your finger will open/close your garage door.

This doesn’t much help when you are in your car if someone steals your garage door opener, but its a great help for those who use their garage door as a front door, and don’t want to have to fumble around for key fobs, enter pin codes or lose keys.

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