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As a working person I rely a lot on my cell phone. I can say that I may forget to carry my wallet once but never my cell phone. In today’s world communicating with a cell phone has become a trend and a requirement as well. Whether you are employed, run your own business, a home maker or even a youngster in college, a cell phone is of utmost importance for communication. Be it family, friends, social acquaintance or business associates, one can stay in constant touch with all. Cell Phones are a blessing to all of us.

If you are too busy to answer a call you can pick up your phone and quickly text a message like ‘I am in a meeting will call you later’ or ‘Am busy will call you once I am done with the meeting’. Confirming orders, scheduling meetings, texting messages to loved ones on occasions or chatting with your lover or even sharing course details, all of this has become so easy to communicate with the SMS system of cell phones especially when it’s hard to take time out to call each person. Texting a zillion friends on Friendship day or Independence Day or Thanksgiving or Halloween will cost you a bomb unless you have some special kind of plan or your company is paying for your mobile bills.

This used to be my plight whenever an important day came along because unfortunately for me I pay my own bills. But then I took a sigh of relief when I heard about Sending Free SMS Online. Considering I am on the computer most of the day it seemed like a worthwhile deal to try. As always I went to Google and looked up these websites which offer Free SMS system across United States. And you know Google there was this huge list to choose from. To name a few Websites that I came across:,, 160by2, Google SMS Channels, and many more sites are available for you to use and save some bucks. All you need to do is register with the website and send free sms anywhere and to any number of people. Some sites allow you to email text to groups as well. So what is the waiting for? With such a resourceful idea I have already started cutting down on some of my Mobile bill.

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