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Simple Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids

The simple ways in which hemorrhoids could be avoided or relieved or cured are as follows.

Lifestyle changes

You are susceptible for getting hemorrhoid or aggravating it by adopting a certain lifestyle that includes unbalanced diet, heavy weights lifting, improper movement of bowels, smoking inside toilet, insufficient exercise and sitting for a considerable time in the toilet. By changing such activities in your lifestyle, you could avoid further deterioration of hemorrhoids.

Drink large quantity of water

One reason for hemorrhoids is constipation and you can control constipation by drinking lots of water every day. The hemorrhoids will worsen if you eat chili peppers or drink alcohol.

Prolonged sitting or excessive straining in the toilet is detrimental

The hemorrhoids venous cushions expand unnecessarily by prolonged sitting thereby making the hemorrhoids worse. Activities such as watching TV, gossiping over phone, playing video games, reading etc. inside the toilet prolong the sitting duration and you must avoid such activities inside the toilet.

Do not delay the bowel movement

Do not delay clearing your bowels once you feel the urge irrespective of the number of times it occurs. Otherwise, you could be affected by reflex constipation and your bowel movement may be lost for a long time.

Do not scratch the affected area

One symptom for hemorrhoids is itching and you should not scratch that affected area; that area might bleed and swell if you scratch.

Use plain toilet paper

Scented soaps and scented/colored toilet paper usually contain chemicals that when used cause irritation in the affected areas and therefore you must not use them. If you cannot bath, prefer using disposable thick-quilted baby wipes instead of toilet paper to clean yourself.

According to medical research hemorrhoids do not occur in animals because of their posture while crawling. Hemorrhoids are likely to disappear if you practice crawling for 10 minutes every day.

Exercise for Breathing

You should practice lying flat on your back, then taking a deep breath moving your belly up; breathe out by lifting your anus. Practice this exercise for 15 minutes, twice a day.

Diet for avoiding constipation and itching

The main reason for the occurrence of hemorrhoids is constipation. To prevent constipation, you must take a diet that is rich in fiber and this will soften yourstools and make them bulky.

It is advisable to reduce the acid levels in the stools to prevent itching of hemorrhoids by avoiding soda, citrus fruits, acidic juices, beer, wine, etc.

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