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Solar Panels Vs. Windmills

There are many ways to make your own power to lower your electric bill but when it comes to which way works the best, you need to decide that for yourself.

Solar panels to collect the suns rays or using windmills to produce power for your home, there is no wrong answer it is just up to you when it comes to the cost of the materials you need to get in order to build your power plant. There are pros and cons to both ways but if you know some of them, you can make an educated decision before you buy the materials for one that is not going to work for you.

Windmills produce energy by harnessing the wind that turns a propeller. When the propeller turns, it turns a shaft that turns a turbine wrapped in copper wire. The rod that the propeller is attached to, a magnet on it and when it turns in the copper windings, the magnet starts to make a current in the turbine. Now that the energy has been made it needs somewhere to go.

The energy travels down a wire that is connected to some batteries where the power is stored until you need to use it. It takes a lot of batteries to store enough power to run your house so the space you need for the batteries can be quite substantial. If you are looking to get wind power, then remember that you need some space in order to store the energy you are producing and that can take up some space on your property.

If you are looking into getting power from the sun, then you need to make a solar panel. The making of the panel itself is not that hard but if you are in an area that the sun don’t touch all of the time, then you have to be able to move it. After the construction is done, these panels are not that easy to move especially when you are moving them by yourself.

If you make these panels so that they are easy to move then you have to make whatever you put them on sturdy. You don’t want them to tip over or if we get a strong wind, to blow over

No matter what type green energy production method you are trying to use, solar panels and windmills can produce the energy you need for your house and give you the ability to save money on your electric bill.

Solar panels cost less and produce the same amount of power as a windmill but you have to make sure that the sun’s rays hit the panel at all times. Windmills need wind in order to produce the power you need for your home so on a calm day you might be out of luck.

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