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Some Talks About Nutrition And Regular Maintenance of The Hair

Our hair is the most crucial part of our body that sets our total appearance. If it is not taken care of well then it is really going to create big troubles for us. And the fact is whoever wants to have a bad hair day. Almost all of us do know how it feels to have a really bad hair day. And to avoid that it is much essential that we take proper initiative to have better care for our hair. And proper caring of the hair starts with proper diet. Our hair is in need of a lot of nutrition that should be supplied to the hair appropriate proportion so that it may grow properly and shine with proper health.

Our hair is mostly made of a special type of protein called keratin, which means that our hair should be supplied with a good amount of proteins to meet this need. We can find a good amount of proteins in animal products, beans, lentils, and in a lower percentage in all green and leafy vegetables.

Other than proteins our hair is also in need of vitamins especially biotin, and other vitamins like vitamin A, B, and E. But it should be kept in mind that these vitamins should be supplied to the hair in proportionate amount or else the result may be totally the opposite one. The excess of some vitamins can cause hair fall or hair damage. As in case of vitamin A, it is a very important for the proper growth of the hair but if there is an excess of vitamin A in the body it may even cause hair fall. Therefore it is quite essential to maintain the balance of these vitamins in the diet.

Besides proteins and vitamins our hair also needs the proportionate amount of minerals for proper health and growth. There are many minerals that are critical for our body. Some minerals interact with vitamins to promote their absorption. Among the most important minerals for hair are iron, copper, calcium, zinc and silica. Iron helps hair follicles to get oxygen. If they do not get it, the hair becomes weak. Zinc helps to prevent hair loss and copper is linked to hair texture and color. Silica is part of the hair composition. It is believed that it gives strength to the hair. You can find it in raw oats, potato peels, pepper, sprouts and other vegetables.

Now along with maintaining a proper diet it is essential to follow some daily hair care tips so that you can keep your hair in good condition. For this purpose it is essential that you keep your hair clean and tidy. And for doing this shampoo on every alternate day is the best thing to do. And along with shampooing proper conditioning of the hair is essentially important. Choose your conditioner according to the need of your hair.

Along with that there is also the need for proper scalp protection also as it is the scalp of the head which plays a vital role in the health and growth of the hair. Massaging the scalp is very important for that purpose. Proper massaging sooths the nerves and helps increase blood circulation and also relaxes the muscles and makes the scalp feel better. Other than that you also need to exfoliate the scalp at least once a week so that the dead cells of the head may not form layers to prevent the breathing of the scalp.

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