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South Florida: The Skin Belt

South Florida offers so many different types of skin care treatments that residents are starting to refer to it as the “Skin Belt.” The moniker “Sun belt” definately had an impact on this nickname, but the amount of skin care companies and treatments that are accessible in South Florida is off the charts. People are flocking to South Florida to treat their skin and get some of the best skin care products and treatments available today.

If you open up any City Pages, New Times, or other locally made publication, you will see a plethora of advertisements from cosmetic surgeons and skin care manufacturers alike that are helping people look younger. Of course, places like Aventura are popular with women who are looking at skin and cosmetic surgeries from breast augmentation to Dysport. Every high-end hotel on the Miami skyline has some sort of wellness spa, and many of them come with some of the best follow-up skin care treatments that are aimed to reduce wrinkles, help get rid of dark circles around the eyes, and smooth out skin on the neck.

So why do so many skin care professionals choose to set up their operation in the Skin Belt? Here are a few reasons….

1. Miami’s location makes it very simple to import ingredients from laboratories overseas. Many of the best ingredients come from labs in other parts of the world, such as Europe.

2. Companies can deliver to international customers much faster than their competitors outside of the “Skin Belt.”

3. Many local companies and spa’s are business-to-business customers private labeling or distributing the locally made skin care products.

4. The local population is affected each and every day by the sun. Skin care consumers are very abundant in South Florida.

About Author
Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging creams author who often reports on skin care. Her columns can be found online at major health portals and also by reading her articles on the Examiner. You can see her covering topics in skin care each week, such as how to find the best eye cream.

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