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Start Running, Keep Running With These Running Tips

If you have decided that you want to start running, you have made a wondrous decision! Running is amazingly beneficial to total human health. You will improve your cardiovascular fitness, improve your physical strength and stamina, sleep better, enhance your mental abilities with increased blood flow to the brain, handle stress better, increase your self-confidence, and (if you need to) help yourself to lose weight.

Human beings seem “born to run”. But if you are not very experienced with running, it’s not as simple as it seems to be. So here are some running tips that you can use to make sure that once you start running, you keep running. It’s persistence that gets you all of those health benefits mentioned above.

* Start slowly and advance quickly. When you first start running, it will be hard for you. Make no mistake about that. You are going to push your body in ways that you probably never did before. If you try to start out too fast, you risk both serious injury and total burnout emotionally. Start out just running moderately for only 12 minutes at a time. After a week, increase your run time to 25 minutes and do that for a week. Don’t worry about speed at all for these first two weeks; the important thing is that you keep the pace, go the distance, and do more than just walk. (However, if you ever feel that you “must” walk for a little while, do it.) After the first two weeks, shift your focus to actual distance. First, run for three to four miles at a time. Then when you feel ready, increase that to five miles, then six, etc. You will naturally build greater speed during all of this–let it happen naturally, don’t force it.

* Run at least five days every week. Running less frequently than that doesn’t get you all the benefits you want, plus it makes it too easy for you to fall out of your rhythm. Running must become an addiction for you.

* Mix it up. Running can become monotonous and boring if you just run the same route every day. Have several different routes that you run. Make some go through the woods, others go down the highway, etc. Keep things new and your mind will stay alert. That’s very important because running is more mental than it is anything else.

* After your first 30 days, create a workout schedule a week in advance. Make one or two days of the week “heavy” days where you try to go a very long distance, such as eight to 10 miles. Make a couple of other days “moderate” runs where you just go out for four or five miles. And then have at least one “light” day where all you do is run for maybe two miles just to keep your motor charged up. These change-ups allow you to avoid injury and avoid burning out.

* Have high quality equipment. This means: running shoes; running socks; and weather-appropriate running outfits.

* Always stretch thoroughly after you are done running.

* Stay hydrated, preferably with water.

I hope these running tips will prove beneficial to you. When you start running, you are going on an amazing journey. Those who start running are not doing something easy; they are taking on a challenge. Be proud of yourself. That may be the best of all running tips!

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