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Summer Safety Shorts

Summer is more often than not quoted as most people’s favourite season. The sun beats down casting a golden glow across the land, transforming even the most bland scene into a picturesque oil painting. The whole country basks in an air of joy and wonder as friends and families meet in parks, back yards and on beaches to enjoy each others company and have fun. Of course summer is there to be revelled in, after all, it is somewhat short-lived in this country, but it does come with it’s inherent dangers. Here are our top seasonal safety hints.

1. Sunburn: We all know how to prevent it yet it seems all the good advice is hitting a brick wall. WEAR SUNSCREEN, as Baz Luhrmann once said in his 1997 number one hit. A swift slather of sunscreen on your sinewy silhouette will stop sunburn, ensuring you don’t look like a lobster, and more importantly, minimize the risk of skin cancer.
2. Dehydration: This is another easily curable ailment, simply drink more water. Sounds simple but so many people fall foul of it. Dehydration creeps up on you gradually making it tough to focus on the job in hand.
3. Heat Exhaustion: Slightly harder to diagnose, this occurs in prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Invest in portable air conditioners to keep you chilled-out at home or in the office.
4. Insect Bites/Stings: This is more down to luck than judgment but you can still take measures to avoid the attentions of angry ants or berated bees. A quick spray on repellant will make you an unattractive prospect for critters.

A few quick, simple tips to keep you protected from those harmful Ultra Violet rays and all that goes with them so you can concentrate on enjoying doing whatever it is that you do in the sun. Above all try to revel in the weather as best possible and think of me trapped inside working in a bustling. Above all try to enjoy the weather as best possible and think of me trapped indoors working in a busy web design and SEO office!

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