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Taking Care of Your Contacts

Caring for your contacts is important not only to ensure long life for your contacts but also for your eyes.

A contact with dirt deposit or a damaged contact can be highly detrimental to your eyes. Take care of your contacts the way you take care of your eyes. The thumb rule to use will contacts is to be delicate.

How to clean your contacts

It is important to keep your contacts free of dirt and deposits by cleaning them at least once a week. Follow the below steps to clean your contacts.

1.) Place a pinch of baking soda on the palm of your hand

2.) Pour some contact lens solution to the soda

3.) Mix the soda with the solution and make a paste out of it. It should not be watery or runny.

4.) Place your lens in the paste and massage it for a few seconds. Make sure you massage both sides of the lens.

5.) Now rinse the lens with the contact lens solution.

You will find your contact lens cleaner and clearer after this operation.

Few tips for contact lens care

Following these simple tips would keep your lens in good condition for a long time.

a.) Always wash and rinse your hands before touching your contact. While remove or placing the contacts, make sure your hands are clean.

b.) Always buy the lens cleaner which your doctor suggests or which is recommended by the optician. Don’t compromise on quality, its for the sake of your eyes.

c.) Follow the instructions on the cleaner to the dot. Different cleaners come with different set of instructions.

d.) Never sleep in with your contact on. Not only will it deteriorate the lens but is extremely harmful for your eyes. Contact lens dries up after 8 hours, the dried lens placed on your delicate iris can be cause irritation and damage.

e.) Never wear your contact lens when you go for a swim or when you get into the shower. Avoid using contact lens in steamy atmosphere.

f.) Consult your optician or get your eyes tested once in 3 months.

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