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The Difference Between Health Care Coverage and Discount Health Insurance

Pinnacle Health Solutions is an online service provider of health care coverage. Our rates are very low (if not the lowest), however, (as many readers may be skeptical), this is NOT a discount health plan. Pinnacle Health Solutions, known as IS a PPO Network for both medical and dental practice(s). This means you choose your own doctors, we don’t choose them for you.

It also means that your health care provider (the doctor you choose) submits your bill to our underwriting department. You are responsible to make the co-payment in the office at the time of your service, for doctor visits, your co-pay amount will be $25. Gimmicky discount insurance plans will not offer submissions to underwriters or allow co-payments, therefore not really offering the consumer the presumed financial benefit.

We can guarantee our low rates for 5 years and there are no annual deductibles/contracts to meet. Our plans cover individuals, couples, families and small businesses for office visits, emergency room, prescription drugs, hospitalization and pregnancy. You may choose your own doctors for medical, dental, hearing, vision, chiropractic care and hospitalization. Our individual plans start at only $199 per month and include the above listed. Enrollment is accepted by phone or by secure transaction at under ‘Enrollment Forms’.

Pinnacle Health Solutions guarantees excellent customer service and satisfaction. We look forward to serving you in the future! Please visit our web site for more information. If you would like to call with questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you. Please call 1 (800) 506-9968. Our offices are open Monday through Friday 8am- 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

Mike Schultz PhotoAbout Author
Mike Schultz, on behalf of Pinnacle Health Solutions , is committed to bringing low rates for health care, while utilizing the PPO network system and removing annual deductible fees.

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