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The Kegel Exercise For Man

After looking at the popularity of the Kegel exercises for women, Kegel exercises for men were also introduced. Though in women, the exercise is primarily used to restrict untimely urine flow, in men it is used for several other purposes. The exercise gives primary relief from inconsistent urine flow and further more helps avoid premature ejaculation. People experiencing pain and swelling because of inflammation in the prostate gland can have benefit from these exercises. There are also some additional benefits of this exercise related to sex life.

Men can perform the exercise just as women can. You only need to have the knowledge of which muscles to exercise. To know this, when you go to the toilet for urination, just try to stop the urine flow completely. Then you will observe that the muscles enabling you to do that require exercising even outside the bathroom. You can then, do the exercises anywhere you like and at any time you wish. Though many men do so at irregular intervals, it is helpful if a routine or a distinct pattern is followed to complete the exercises.

Kegel exercises for men may be done two times a day for 5 min each. This module should help those people who suffer from minor problems of the urinary flow. But you will need to increase the amount of time to do these exercises if you notice your troubles exceeding a specified limit. You always need to do the exercises in a definite squeeze-hold-release pattern. One set of this pattern approximately takes 5 sec to complete. However, if you are at an advanced stage where you need a tougher pattern, you can try and hold for over 10 seconds and then release.

While there are many machines in the market that allow you some support to do these exercises, it is not necessary that you purchase them. Kegel exercises for men can be done without any external aid and can achieve betterment targets without resorting to outside assistance. You must first try and do the exercises yourself. If you find it hard to do, try it for a week or so and you will start noticing a difference. Initially the results may not be as per expectations; it would take some time for you to reach there. It is easier to give up and resort to a machine to do your work for you, but when you can achieve the benefits without spending any money, why not try it?

Kegel exercises for men can take care of the inconsistent urine flow, one of the most prominent old-age problems, and can be useful in other respects as well. You can try doing the exercises whenever possible, even when on a holiday and no one would know. In the office as well, by taking a short break and going to the toilet, you can comfortably do these exercises. It’s so easy! Moreover it can even improve your sex life, which may be enough motivation for you to proceed and do these exercises.

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