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The Kegel Exercises For Women

In case there is urine flow inconsistencies for women above 40 years of age, Kegel exercises for women are quite mandatory. These exercises were named after the doctor who popularized them and are used for strengthening pelvic muscles. Along with the pelvic bone, other pelvic organs are hold by the pelvic muscles and they often get loosened because of many factors. The lower amount of estrogen produced by the body after a certain age is the number one reason for lower amount of the hormone being produced. So it is up to the woman how she can manage to keep up with these physical changes without affecting herself badly.

One thing that should be noted while doing Kegel exercises for women is that these exercises are to be done for short durations. It is enough to devote 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins in the evening for performing these exercises; within a couple of weeks you will be able to notice some changes. You can start doing these exercises in any posture comfortable for you, and later you can switch on to the one suiting you the best. Many women do these exercises by sitting down.

If you are worrying about how to do the Kegel exercises for women, then there’s no need to worry, it is very simple and definitely you do not require a rocket scientist to explain you the same. You need to start off these exercises by contracting the pelvic muscles whether you are in a standing or a sitting position. After that start contracting the muscles surrounding the vagina. To make it simpler to understand, try and remember those days when you would take off on long drives. There would have been a strong urge to pee striking at the wrong moment and invariably you had to control it. The muscles you used back then are the muscles you must focus on now.

Having said that, you need to regulate the counts for holding and releasing these muscles. You can start at four counts, and gradually you can increase it to eight counts. You should contract your muscles and count to four and relax them thereafter. Take a break for 1-2 sec and do it again. To make things easier for you, follow a routine. When you are able to do the exercises with ease, start changing the count and routine. If you did it in the morning after waking up and at night before sleeping at four counts, change it to before starting work and after starting work with eight counts.

Kegel exercises for women, properly done, can have various effects and help women from all age groups having bladder- and urine-flow-related problems. Though most women are told to do it at any time and at any place, it helps if you do it by following a routine. When you start noticing improvement occurring to your body, you can decrease the exercise frequency, else you must increase the frequency to obtain better results.

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