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The Need to Become Aware of The Alzheimer’s Disease.

Many people ages 65 and beyond fear of the disease called Alzheimer’s. It is a serious brain malfunction that would usually affect older adults although studies have revealed that it can also affect younger ones. Early stages of the disease show signs of forgetting things that have been recently learned. Sometimes they seem to just ignore these signs, unaware that this is part of the degenerative disease. But if the forgetfulness is having a great impact on their daily activities such as missing a medical appointment, losing important documents, having a hard time recalling information recently learned, then it is best to have them checked as this might be signs of a person who has Alzheimer’s. If it really is, you might want to consider admitting them to a care facility that will look after them. No worries because the nursing home cost is partly covered by Medicare, a federal health insurance.

The loss of memory is not always an indication of having the Alzheimer’s disease. Truth of the matter is that the disease is hard to determine. It is actually hard to conclude whether one person is suffering from the condition because there are no concrete tests that link a person’s physical and mental malfunctions to Alzheimer’s. But once it has started to sink in, then it will be there for the rest of his lifetime. The disease will be stuck in the system, and what’s even worse is that there is also no known cure for Alzheimer disease. But there may be some measures to delay the progress of this neurodegenerative disease.

If Alzheimer’s is detected from the very early stages, studies show that doses of vitamins C and E are effective in battling the progress of this disease. They should be taken together. Taking vitamin C or E alone even when taken in large doses does not show signs of slowing down the disease. Regular exercise would also be helpful, but the most effective exercise advised for those with the disease is dancing. The constant coordination of the brain and the body while dancing is believed to lower the risk of acquiring the disease.

The importance of getting help when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s was appreciated when Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with the disease. That was the time people began to see the importance of seeking out help and care from nursing homes or other care facilities. Their only inhibition was dealing with the nursing home cost. There are a number of factors that affect the nursing home cost such as location, economy, and competition. The level and availability of skilled workers and the demand of the patient or resident are likewise considered.

Aside from Medicare, there are also private health insurance companies who offer comprehensive coverage of the nursing home cost for people with the disease. The insurance now encompasses a wider coverage considering that there has been a significant increase in people affected with the disease and is expected to double by 2050. With this rate, the U.S. government has taken action by ensuring that the needs of the patients will be taken cared, including their nursing home cost, in the entire duration of their stay in nursing homes.

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Detecting Alzheimer’s at the early stage would be good so that proper management of the disease will be dealt with in a nursing home. Family members need not worry about the nursing home cost because there are government health insurance coverages for people suffering from the disease.

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