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The Sandwich Generation

While everyone loves a sandwich, not everyone loves being in one. If you find yourself struggling to take care of your children and also your parents, you are a part of the sandwich generation. This phenomenon occurs when parents age and are no longer able to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources or will to spend their golden years in a nursing home or other similar living situation. In such a situation, it may become necessary for the elderly mother or father to turn to their child for care.

Many people find themselves dealing with this very problem. Holding down a full-time job while also juggling the kids, school and extra-curricular activities can be hard enough alone. When a parent also needs care or a place to live things can get even more difficult. In close-knit communities like the suburbs of Pittsburgh, where children often do not stray far form their parent’s homes, it is common for aging parents to be cared for by their adult children. This can add a large burden onto an already stressed family.

Another strain that comes with being a member of the sandwich generation is that the children or spouse of the caregiver may begin to feel neglected. If an elderly mother or father comes to live with their child, naturally their child will need to devote time and resources to the parent that might otherwise have gone to other members of the family. One way to deal with this problem is to make it a family decision to bring the parent into the home, or to offer care to the parent. If everyone is involved in making that decision, then everyone will understand the sacrifices needed.

It must be recognized in home care of an elderly parent is a major commitment and can lead to much stress and fatigue. So members of the sandwich generation must remember to take time for themselves and allow themselves to rest and relax so that they will be able to take care of the family and give care to everyone that needs it.

One way to do this is in Pittsburgh to get help through a home care agency in Jefferson Hills. The agency will send caregivers to the home to help with companionship, personal care, light housekeeping, meal preparation and more. This gives peace of mind to the adult child who cannot be with an aging parent 24 hour a day.

One advantage of using an agency is that all in home caregivers for seniors are thoroughly screened, trained, insured and bonded, reliable and professional, and matched to your preferences. It costs more but is less risky than getting help from word of mouth or an Internet ad.

The sandwich generation is situation that more and more families are finding themselves in. By utilizing some of the tips in this article and remembering to care for themselves, members of the sandwich generation can make the best of this precarious sit.

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