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Types of Drug Rehabilitation Programs

A successful drug rehab program includes an integrated method for the comprehensive treatment of addicted person. The multidisciplinary approach emphasizes on the treatment of whole body along with mental and spiritual aspects of life. Subsequently, it assists individuals to develop and resume the necessary mental and physical work again.

Throughout the country, there are plenty of drug rehab centers and each one has different rehab programs and methodologies for the drug treatment. For example:

– Outpatient treatment programs

– Inpatient treatment programs

– Residential treatment programs

– Long term treatment programs

– Short term treatment programs

– Relapse prevention programs

The suitability of program for the particular individual depends upon his/her capability of tolerance and severity of the problems. However, there are some fundamental and common programs offered by all rehab centers such as the drug detoxification and medical stabilization program. These are the initial steps of the rehab program. Under these procedures, physicians first withdraw drugs from the body and brain by using necessary medication and personal counseling. Simultaneously, during the treatment procedure, the patients have also been given family and emotional support so that they remain motivated.

However, before commencement of treatment, the physician must consider the poisons and chemical byproducts produced by the drugs taken by the individuals (because it different for different people) and only then he should start the treatment accordingly.

Generally, the drug detox rehabilitation program takes weeks, but in some severs cases it takes months. In deed, it depends upon the time length of the drug abuse and the capacity of tolerance of addicted persons.

Besides, the other rehab programs include residential treatment programs, relapse prevention program, and aftercare. The relapse prevention program is one of the most important programs that protects individual from the most threatening after effects of drug detoxification.

Last but not least, the aftercare; it is also an important step that alleviates the probability of re-occurrence of drug addiction behavior in future.

Moreover, for better treatment it is always suggestible that you need to find such kind of rehab center that offers holistic rehabilitation program.

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