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Universal Healthcare

Gravity of the issue and its relevance and importance to a common American:

The gravity of the issue can be very well judged from the estimated death figures per year of such Americans who were not covered under the health insurance scheme and were not in a position to meet the high medical costs needed to be incurred over their chronic diseases. About fifty millions Americans lack medical insurance, out of whom about 18000 die each year. Citizens are highly concerned about this issue, because it is directly related with their life.

Shocking facts about healthcare in the United States:

The dialogue in the society about fixing the healthcare system is almost broken. Politicians and Pundits are not taking the issue seriously. They are more cautious about the estimated expenditure over the universal healthcare system rather than the lives of their fellow citizens. Majority of the Americans are left at the mercy of highly expensive system, where some get great care while others get none.

The cost of corporate bureaucracy and the difference it makes:

It is a fact that United States spends by far the most on per person healthcare as compared to the other Industrial countries like Canada, Japan and European countries. Despite that much expenditure its healthcare system ranks 37th of 190 countries.

What Americans actually want and what are real obstacles?

It is estimated that over 75% Americans want their peace of mind through universal health insurance. Real obstacle in the issue is the bureaucracy and politicians.

Should America adopt a universal healthcare coverage system in order to provide medical coverage to every citizen or let a significant number of Americans, who can not afford health insurance, live or die without medical aid? This is the most burning issue being debated at both the social as well as political levels.

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