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Wayne Allen Root Book Review Can America be Saved

Article taken from Wayne Allen Root’s personal blog. Article is the Intellectual Property of Mr. Root. Have you read the headlines the past few months? Obama has proposed trillions of dollars in new taxes, and trillions of dollars of irresponsible, unsustainable big government spending. With no way to pay for it all…except to wipe out small businessmen and women, and wipe out the upper middle class…and enslave our children and grandchildren with a mountain of debt and heavy taxes for a lifetime. It is, plainly and simply, the VERY definition of Socialism. Let’s say it out loud- Obama is a Socialist. If liberals and the biased liberal media won’t face facts…I’m going to put the facts right in their faces. Up close and personal- Jeff Foxworthy style. Jeff Foxworthy literally defined rednecks…he didn’t leave any doubt. All you could do was laugh and say, “Jeff hit that one right on the nose.” Well I’m going to now define a Socialist. And when I’m done, you can only cry and say, “Wow, Wayne sure described that Socialist Obama fellow.” Here are the FACTS that prove our nation is being run by Socialists, Politically Correct racists, and idiots (I know- I repeat myself). Read ’em and weep: If you want government to take over business…banks…automakers…Wall Street…the healthcare industry…literally highjack the entire economy…all so you can “spread the wealth around”…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think it’s perfectly fine to abandon capitalism after a couple of unprofitable years among 230 successful and highly profitable years…but you want to replace it with a big government that has NEVER had a single profitable year ever…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think it’s just fine and dandy for government to decide CEO salaries…to hire and fire CEO’s… and pick the Board of Directors of private companies…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think the CEO’s of private companies have no right to fly in private jets, but it’s okay for Nancy Pelosi and members of Congress to fly nonstop on private jets…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think that Congress should allocate hundreds of millions of extra dollars to the IRS to go after tax cheats in the business world…but your entire administration is filled with tax cheats- including the guy in charge of America’s taxes (Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner)…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think it’s okay to give all the rights under our American constitution to the terrorists who murdered 3000 Americans…but you never even thought to give those same rights to the bondholders, shareholders and investors of Chrysler and GM (who were first in line as secured creditors) when you stole the company from them and awarded it to the unions…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think it’s okay to meet face to face with the worst murderers and terrorist leaders and supporters in the world without preconditions because it’s important to always keep the lines of communication open…but you refuse to ever meet or even bother listening to the concerns of conservatives or Republicans here in America…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think 32 czars appointed without Congressional scrutiny or oversight…can run the American economy by committee- even though few if any have ever run a business in their lives…and if you think it’s okay to appoint a car czar who admits publicly he knows NOTHING about cars…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you want to give as much as $100 billion dollars of taxpayer money to GM and Chrysler just so they can go BANKRUPT anyway…just so you can hand the company to the unions that bankrupted them in first place…and keep hundreds of thousands of grossly overpaid union workers employed…all because those unions contributed millions of dollars to your campaign…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. AND YOU ARE CERTAINLY CORRUPT. If you think it’s OK for government to tell GM and Chrysler what kind of cars to build…what size…what gas mileage…what style…even if those “green cars” can never make a profit…even if consumers don’t want to buy them…even if the taxpayers will lose $100 billion dollars on your bad ideas…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you want to pass Cap and Trade and convert America to a “green economy” to create millions of jobs…even though Spain is the greenest economy in all of Europe…and they have 18% unemployment, the highest in all of socialist Europe…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you support Cap & Trade…a giant expansion of government power and control over all of American industry…that is the biggest tax increase in history…that will double or triple every American’s electric bills…and force consumers to pay $5 or higher for a gallon of gasoline…and increase the cost of every product made with electricity, or driven to stores with gasoline…and thereby tax consumers and business out of existence…and cost millions of American jobs…all in the name of “global warming”…even though Al Gore and scientists across the globe have been fudging the numbers and committing fraud…even though we are now most likely experiencing global cooling…even though nothing we do matters because China and India won’t agree to cut their emissions…and you want to destroy business in the name of this unproven theory ALL IN MIDST OF A DEPRESSION…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you support Universal Healthcare…even though a huge majority of Americans are happy with their healthcare…and government is the one that has screwed up health care in the first place with over-regulation…even though government has run the U.S. Postal service into bankruptcy…and run Amtrak into bankruptcy…and the public school system is a shambles and loses tens of billions per year…and Medicare and Medicaid threaten to bankrupt the entire economy with their gigantic losses…and government has run up a $5.3 Trillion dollar unfunded liability just for pensions and free healthcare for government employees…and you now want to extend free healthcare to all 300 million Americans…and you think this will cut costs and SAVE money…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think we can add 50 million Americans…many of them illegal aliens…to the healthcare system…without adding one doctor…to the contrary by forcing thousands of doctors to quit or retire…and that won’t cause rationing…or hurt the quality of healthcare for the rest of us…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. AND YOU’RE DEFINETLY AN IDIOT. If you think we need to spend an extra trillion dollars (or more) to SAVE money on healthcare…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think the only way to save the country from Medicare and Medicaid’s exploding budget deficits…is to create government-run healthcare…even though Medicare and Medicaid are government-run healthcare…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think government will lower healthcare costs even though the two states with the highest health insurance cost in all of America are also the two states with the most government regulation (New York and New Jersey)…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think the only way to save money on healthcare is to put the government in charge…even though the people that run government have brought you an almost $2 Trillion dollar budget deficit…and $100 Trillion in debt…almost double the world’s GDP (all the money made in the world each year)…and despite the fact that government loses money in every department and every agency, at every level, every year since inception…and despite all that, you still think putting government in charge of 17% of the U.S. economy is the answer…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. … and you’re definitely an IDIOT. If you could even think of proposing paying for universal healthcare with taxes on the health benefits of every employee in America…EXCEPT union employees…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you want to lower the cost of healthcare…but you won’t support tort reform…even though lawyers, lawsuits, legal abuse, and defensive medicine combine to cost the healthcare system almost one trillion dollars a year…and you’re a politician who collects millions in contributions from…drumroll please…LAWYERS…and you’re a lawyer yourself…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you propose paying for universal healthcare by punishing “the rich” with a 5% surcharge on their incomes…even though that same group you are punishing (small business owners) already pays virtually all the taxes and creates 75% (or more) of the jobs in America…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you support a VAT tax just like socialist Europe…that puts a deadly tax on every product in America…at every level of production and purchase…on top of all our other state, federal and local taxes…even though America’s free market, low tax economy has dominated Europe’s for decades …YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you support CARD CHECK…that takes away the right of Americans to vote in private…and allows union goons with tatoos and baseball bats to intimidate employees while they are forced to vote publicly to unionize…and will turn all of America into one big Michigan…the union state with the highest unemployment in America…even though the Top 5 states with the most moving vans moving OUT are also the states with the most unionized workers…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you are in favor of bailouts of certain companies and certain industries…who just happen to give you large campaign contributions…and you want to bail them out with taxpayer money…and you don’t even ask the permission of the taxpayers…and you don’t or won’t disclose who got the money or how much they got…or what they spent it on…and you don’t even say please or thank you to the taxpayers, even though it’s our money paying for it all…and you asked Congress to pass the 1000+ page bailout bill without reading it, or knowing what’s in the small print…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you believe it’s greedy for American taxpayers to want to keep more of their OWN money…but it’s not greedy to demand that government confiscate other people’s money and redistribute to you…even though you didn’t earn it…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you call it a “tax cut” when you give a welfare check to people that never paid taxes in the first place…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you propose the biggest income tax increase in history on “the rich”…AND propose taking away deductions from “the rich” including charitable and mortgage deductions (that could wipe out the entire charitable and housing industries)…and also raise the capital gains taxes on “the rich”…and also take the cap off FICA taxes on “the rich”…and also bring back the death tax on “the rich”…and also propose adding universal health care surcharges on “the rich”…and possibly tax the health benefits of “the rich”… and also hit everyone in America with Cap & Trade taxes, but particularly “the rich” who own businesses and bigger homes and bigger cars…and you want to add a deadly new VAT tax on top of income taxes…and add sugar taxes…and CELL phone taxes…and let’s not forget you want to add a new Botox tax on breast jobs, liposuction and nose jobs…all while taxpayers are being hit with higher state income taxes, higher state sales taxes and higher property taxes… all in the middle of a depression…and you think those tax increases are “reasonable and fair”…YOU ARE DEFINETLY A SOCIALIST. AND YOU ARE CERTAINLY A MORON WHO SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED NEAR ANY GOVERNMENT POSITION THAT INVOLVES THE CREATION OF JOBS. If you like the results of the Michigan economy run by unions (the first state to hit 15% unemployment and the first city Detroit to auction homes off for $100 and find no takers)…or WORSE the California economy…a state that has spent itself into oblivion, insolvency and bankruptcy…and you want to turn the whole of America into one big Michigan…or one big California…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think everyone should have a government job…and should belong to a government employees union…and get paid obscene salaries 70% higher than the private sector…and receive bloated pensions for life…and receive free health care for life…and a guaranteed job for life…and “merit pay” increases to keep them from leaving their government jobs…even though many of them are working at a government job precisely because no one in the private sector would ever even think of hiring them…and you think they should get all of these benefits for the right to sit at a desk for 25 years looking at their watch waiting for retirement at age 50…so they can collect a fat pension for the next 40 years without working…and then we have to hire a new government employee to replace them…and you want to pay for all that on the taxpayer’s dime…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think that government must limit the salaries of CEO’s in the private sector…but don’t mind paying 7 million federal government employees compensation that is 70% higher than comparable jobs in the private sector…and giving almost 20% of them over $100,000 per year (before counting overtime, bonuses and pensions)…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think school choice and charter schools and vouchers are bad…even though they have helped countless minority children trapped in failing hellholes called public schools…if you think public schools should have no competition…if you think rewarding good teachers with higher pay and firing bad teachers is a bad idea…if you think people have no right to decide where to use their own property tax money…to choose the best education possible for their children…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. If you think it’s perfectly fine to appoint a Supreme Court justice for life, who thinks that a Latina woman can make better decisions from the bench than a white male simply because of the color of her skin…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST. AND YOU MAY BE A RACIST TOO! And finally, if you’re a Columbia University economics professor…and you believe any of the ideas above will actually help the economy…and you’ve ever given a student named Barack Obama an A in economics…YOU ARE DEFINETLY A SOCIALIST. Ladies and Gentleman…I think it’s safe to say that our country, our economy, our education system, and government itself is being run and ruined By SOCIALISTS, RACISTS, MORONS and IDIOTS. It’s time to stand up…it’s time to fight…it’s time to put manners and politeness aside… it’s time to offend…it’s time to yell, scream, protest and get angry…it’s time to take action…it’s time to take back our country before there is no country or economy left to take back…before the American Dream is dead…before capitalism is destroyed…before our children are enslaved by big government and big taxes for generations to come… I believe that it is time for a CITIZEN REVOLUTION. My name is Wayne Allyn Root. I am a S.O.B. (son of a butcher), small businessman, homeschool dad, capitalist evangelist, and citizen politician. My heroes are Thomas Jefferson, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. I proudly call myself a “REAGAN LIBERTARIAN.”

I believe government is run by idiots who couldn’t spell “CAT” if you gave them the C and T in advance. How do I know? Because the government of New York just declared BANRUPTCY for OTB (legal gambling parlors). Gambling is broke!!! And the federal government actually took over a legal brothel in my home state of Nevada and drove it into bankruptcy in less than a year. If you can’t make money running a gambling operation or a whorehouse, YOU CAN’T RUN MY HEALTHCARE!!! I’m spending every minute of my days trying to save this great country…save our economy…and save capitalism from the grasp of the Socialists now trying to destroy everything we’ve built, everything we hold dear as Americans. I hope you’ll join me in the fight. God Bless all of you. And may God Bless America.

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To learn more about what you can do to combat the destructive forces of large government, higher taxes, and fiat monetary policy come join Jeff in working from home, outside of the establishment, in marketing the financial education the world so desperately needs right now.

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