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Wedding Proposal Tips: How to Win Her “Yes”

It’s time to pop the question and the first advice soldier is that you must come prepared. This preparation is both mental and physical; mentally you must expect that in reality there is more than one answer to the question “Will You Marry Me?”

Once that comes to mind try to keep heed of the following food for thought:

Testing the waters.

Don’t ruin the surprise, but do have small talks about what kind of future she wants to have. Avoid using the common female primer “we have to talk”, keep it casual as to avoid giving off signals that may ruin the moment. Ask about careers, children housing, transportation, health, and probably recreation activities. Actually if have been able to maintain a healthy relationship with lady for quite some time, then you should have known the answer to most of these questions by now. If not, recall. If not possible, it time to turn on the charm and reinvestigate.

In cases wherein your girl is of a different culture, you should also try to learn if she obeys a different pattern of tradition and customs that might play an impact in your attempt at a nuptial. In some cultures, it would be decent to actually talk to her parents or even grandparents before popping the question. Other beliefs may also entail taking care of the parents at old age – which could mean deeper pockets in the long run.

Location, location, location.

Sounding a bit like real estate? Don’t worry, I’m not alluding to the possibility that she may be as expensive as real estate… but if she does give off that tendency then think about act of proposal act to get a very high appraisal rate. Choose the perfect spot for your proposal. Think of a place that has a common memory you share.

Maybe the first place you first met, had your first kiss or maybe where you will build your first house together. At the end of our time the only thing we will have to hold on to would be the good and great memories we have had the fortune of having, so make this one count.

Avoid public places, specially sporting events specially karaoke bars. Unless you have tested the waters properly and she is inclined to give a big resounding yes, then avoid this kind of pressure. It will bear heavy on you, on her and possibly to the friends you planted in the audience.

Play like James Bond.

No, no, no not the exotic cars, the lovely British accent or gunplay. Although the good looks would not be a bad idea, but let’s face only a few are blessed. So let’s get down to business of being an agent on a mission. Prepare yourself for intangibles but arm yourself with some information briefs and some practice.

Know what to say, if you are not a skilled orator then write down what you want to say and practice it. Believe that this is not a moment for garbling words or giving double meanings. If you cannot memorize it, then read it to her. It does not hurt.

Know the location. You may have already picked the place, but have a specific idea where exactly you must sit, stand and eventually drop down on one knee for her. In graduating from this courtship you will also need to reminder of your good history together and what you think makes you click, then move in for the final charge by being direct, succinct and actually very simple.

That’s it for that. These general rules when applied properly should provide you with the answer you so direly desire let the reminder be in summing this all up be “set it up before you rack ’em up.” Cheers and good luck!

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