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What Does it Truly Mean to be Eco-friendly?

I’m sure that all of us would come up with a slightly different mental picture of what eco-friendly truly means, if that task were to be set before us. To some, it’s the wild-eyed tree hugger, while to others it means that you hate to see people being a litterbug, and anything between these two extremes would fit the description as well.

When it comes to the eco-friendly photo albums we offer at, to me it means beautifully-crafted handmade photo albums in over 80 different designs in roughly 20 different categories, all of which are made from materials which are self-renewing. They are made from bamboo, seeds, flowers, leaves, etc.–items which are just outside the door of the craft shop on the Indonesian vacation island paradise of Bali, and are seemingly inexhaustable, in that they grow wild there, and grow back almost immediately following their harvest. That is as opposed to plastic or cardboard photo albums, which come from petroleum products and trees, respectively, both of which are limited resources. In my mind, that’s the essence of eco-friendly–not harming the environment by logging, oil drilling, and a myriad of other industries, and still getting a quality product for your money.

Do like many others have–click on a link, and come in to look over our wide selection of more than 80 different styles of organic photo albums today. Each design comes in small, medium and large. If you are like many others, you’ll be glad you came. For the record, when your order is in excess of $75, we pay the shipping and handling.

About Author
Jim Green lives in Rockford, IL, and owns an eCommerce business called Forest City Photo Albums, and is looking forward to the day that it makes up the majority of his total income.

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