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What is a Psychiatric Patient? A Common Sense Guide to Psychiatry – Part Three

Potentially anyone is a psychiatric patient, even YOU, because every aspect of human behavior is labeled by psychiatry as being a mental illness.A study of psychiatry’s diagnostic manual will confirm this for anyone who cares to look.

Examples of nuances of human behavior and the ups and downs of living re-categorized as an “illness” requiring treatment include:
– Seasonal Anxiety Disorder (feeling “blue” at Christmas).
– Dyspraxia (the tendency of children to be clumsy)
– Sexual Addiction (the tendency of some people to be sexually overactive or unethical)
– Depression (feeling down after a loss, redundancy and so on.)

You are mentally ill if a psychiatrist says you are mentally ill. All that is required for you to be labeled mentally ill is for a psychiatrist to give that opinion. He does not have to produce, and cannot produce, any scientifically proven yardstick or clear consistent definition of each so-called mental disorder. He cannot produce and is not required to produce any diagnostic criteria for adjudging that you have a disorder.

Psychiatrists are busy adding new “disorders” to their list as fast as they can dream them up.

Psychiatrists long ago discovered that they could dream up disorders at will without the need for any true science behind them and get away with it because there was in fact no independent body monitoring and scrutinizing their methods and ensuring they measured up to rigorous scientific standards. Psychiatry had been operating thus with impunity and was consequently thoroughly entrenched, for a hundred years before anyone had the wisdom to subject it to scrutiny and found its scientific credentials to be bogus. (I refer you to the history of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights).

Based on his “diagnosis” of your condition, the psychiatrist can then begin “treatment.” Such treatment nowadays usually involves the administering of powerful brain-altering drugs that do irreparable damage to the brain and nervous system and produce a slew of unpleasant side effects. Such treatment earns revenue for the psychiatrist. He cannot make money unless he diagnoses you as having an illness that must be treated.

If you refuse treatment? Well, that’s a disorder too, requiring treatment.

The psychiatrist can always force you to undergo treatment. He has the legal power to commit anyone for as long as he see fit, simply based upon his unsubstantiated diagnosis (opinion) that it is “for our own good.”

Once you have been labeled mentally ill, you surrender your liberties and human rights to the hands of psychiatry. Essentially you’ve had it.

What happens to a psychiatric patient?

When you become a psychiatric patient you are administered one or more of the following:
Drugs to produce a malleable, zombie-like condition
ECT: Electro Convulsive Therapy, to produce a malleable zombie-like condition
Lobotomy: to produce a malleable, zombie-like condition.

The disturbingly bizarre behavior we commonly see in psychiatric patients is almost always caused by the brain-damaging TREATMENT they have received in psychiatric hands and NOT an alleged mental illness.

More about these in my next articles, starting with “What Are Psychiatric Drugs?” 

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