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Why I Need A Cosmetic Dentist?

Why I need a cosmetic dentist? This was the question that often throttled through my mind, when ever I used to look at my teeth in mirror. My oral health has been a problem ever since I got my teeth. I used to have a chunk of chocolate each day and several other sweets and rarely brushed my teeth. Bad habits!! I know. Not only my eating habits were weird but sporting interests were even terrible. Jumping over the fence, extreme cycling, and all these things used to drive me crazy. And I’m sure you would have gathered the next big thing that happened to me. Exactly, my yellowish brown teeth!!!! I lost them; some were taken away by my chocolates and other by my neighbor’s fence and the few that were left with me, I wasn’t sure, how long they are going to stay. After all this one thing I was quite sure of was that I need to mend my ways. But what to do with those that were gone- my teeth!!

My teeth ruined my life. Not only I felt difficulty with eating, my so called social life at the age of seventeen was completely ruined. All my friends those who used to stay by my side now were laughing at me and I can’t even open my mouth- reason- If I had that would have turned their laugh louder. It was the time when I used to spend major part of my day inside the four walls of my room. I consulted may Orlando dentists in may area but wasn’t’ able to find any way out. And one day when I was browsing the net I came across top3dentists.

Soon I was able to find detailed information over the fact that my oral health isn’t permanent. It can be cured and I can regain my lost pride, and most importantly I can have better oral health than it used to be with my original teeth. I found Orlando cosmetic dentists just a mile away from my home on reference from top3dentists. After a preliminary consultation my Orlando cosmetic dentist told me that though I have lost my teeth, but still I have a chance to get them back.

The Orlando cosmetic dentist first began with the teeth whitening. My teeth were whitened using the peroxide gel and a laser technology and I was able to get five shades lighter. Then for the missing teeth I was referred to the Orlando Implant dentist in the same clinic. The implant dentist after evaluating the bone in my jaw inserted a titanium grip and over that a porcelain crown was placed. After this cosmetic treatment when I looked at my teeth, I excitedly jumped up. I had perfect rows of teeth, though some of them were fake but they didn’t appeared fake in any way. Now I have perfect smile and none of my friends laugh at me. And the moral of the story is “Good Oral Health Is Necessary.” And I want to thank cosmetic dentistry, my Orlando cosmetic dentists and implant dentists and most importantly that helped me through all this. Thank you all.

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Deniel Brown is a renowned article author who has been reviewing several cosmetic Dentists in Orlando and is currently serving with his reviews regarding Orlando implant dentists.

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