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Women & Their Weight

Got problems with extra pounds? Your answer is probably YES as long as you keep asking yourself the above question over and over again. You should know that you are not the only one. There are many other millions of people like you, affected by overweight. You must know by now that any additional kilogram over ideal weight is felt as an overwhelming burden down on your shoulders. Imagine what just 10 kilograms over the normal weight would mean for any individual who cares about his image. What about 20 or 30 or even…40?

Everything about our body functioning starts from our own conscious and unconscious minds, acting through the physical brain and the nervous system. It’s the “command center” for our existence in the optimum parameters. Therefore the control of weight begins here. Into our minds. Mental component of any program is the most important.

Unfortunately, this is rarely considered the main mechanism of all and sometimes…simply ignored. That is why people keep wondering about gaining fat all over again right after several supported efforts targeting the ideal body shape. Many of us struggle to lose weight by dealing with aggressive, long-term diets and still nothing happens, because of the natural resistance level of the human body.

Then the brain goes into defensive phase by demanding a strong appetite, just like it happened in prehistory. Automatically, all of the fats that were previously burned are now coming back into your life and so the overweight is quickly and entirely recovered.

Disappointment is as great or greater than the effort. Proportional decrease in people’s confidence is also an issue. Unfortunately they stop trusting themselves and this can visibly affect the quality of everyday life. And then you put the question: What now? What is to be done? This cannot happen to me!

And I perfectly agree with you on this.
It is extremely important to do your physical change starting with the mental level. Awakening should FIRST take place in mind. What I mean is to look at yourself with your mind’s eye as a thin and well shaped. But mostly, believe in yourself and trust your inner message that you ARE slim for real!

In order to work efficiently, any program specially designed to control body weight it’s good to start with mentally weight loss! For that you are going to need a strong desire for willing to get guidance from a specialist on mental problems, to let him help you change some less good habits and install other healthier habits.

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