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Words To Encourage Cancer Patients

After fruitless attempts of trying all the known prophets and wizard of the land you are despairing of ever finding help..This simple and straight to the point article contains all the words of comfort for affected and infected cancer people and I am cheering to go on reading it.

Of course you did not contribute toward this nor have you apply for it, as a matter of fact feel at ease .No body knows his or her last day on earth, and you can live more than a normal wellbeing person.The Lord will wipe off all the tears of the grieved ones and they will have a never ending happiness, assures the book of revelation in the bible. There will be no more sicknesses and death.There is not much need to cry as this encouragement words for cancer patients states clear that God will restore them

The Bible in the same revelation book states clearly that, ‘happy are those who mourn for their tears will be wiped away. These statements alone mean its better to mourn than to rejoice now, for the mourners will be relived from that burden. God in his dwelling place is thinking about you and is busy preparing for your place, so don’t be bothered even if they scorn or sympathize with you. .To find these words of comfort more comforting lets study the paragraph below which reveals the ultimate truth about God’s promises.

Lastly when Lazarus died a painful death, his body covered with sores and sicknesses. After his death an angel carried him to the bosom Abraham. This means God cares abut you even if he may seem to forget, he never forgets. He is in fact preparing and giving sinners some chances to repent. I hope these encouragement words for cancer patients will heal and revive hope to them and their relatives. For further assurances contact your nearest bible school. To remain positive now and again refer to simple encouraging words on the internet.

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