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Your Bodies Wisdom

Over the years our bodies go through many experiences that can be emotional and create physical pain.  This can affect your mental Health. These experiences are stored in the cells of our bodies.  Your cells remember trauma, physical and emotional.  What happens to our bodies over time when we continue to store up all these memories in our cells?  We can suppress our emotions and pain with meds or drugs that help you forget the pain.  But the memory is still there. 


Since all the cells in our body are connected, then we could say that our minds have the ability to change thoughts to effect at the cellular level. At some point we start to listen to our body.  We begin to pay attention to areas where pain seems to reoccur. When we really listen and pay attention, we can hear just what the body needs or prefers.  Sometimes it may be in forgiving ourselves or someone to release the pain we are holding onto. 


I have experienced pain from a broken heart.  A betrayal from someone I have known for over 30 years.  I was able to figure out just how to deal with this through meditation.  After months of discernment I called a Reike Master over to give me Rieke.  I could feel my heart release the pain I was feeling.  I was then able to think more clearly about the situation.  I was able to contact this person with out any anger.  Our relationship is never going to be the way it was in the past.  But I believe we both have freedom from the bondage this kind of pain can cause.

I am a Massage Therapist and Reike Master.  My husband and I believe in community and wellbeing.  We promote health, exercise, and being kind to the body.  The body has its own wisdom to heal itself.  Getting body work helps the body discover itself.  Your body comes more aware of its needs.  Begin listening to the body.  Slow down and relax into the knowing within you.  Listen, meditate and learn.  The body has much to tell you.


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By Nancy Baker

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