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A Healthy Pregnancy

A Healthy Pregnancy

Every mother wants and hopes for a healthy baby, but in this more and more polluted world, it’s getting harder and harder. 

Not that long ago in the history of humans, and up to a few hundred years ago, many women simply lay down, and had a healthy baby.  Then, along came midwives to help, as societies evolved.  Later came medical doctors.

One was a man named Semmelweiss.  He worried about the large number of women, treated by male doctors.  He went around telling fellow doctors that they had to wash their hands before a birthing to prevent purpura, a bacterial infection.  He was ridiculed by the local medical society, and hounded out of the profession.  He was right, but he died an outcast and broke.  Not many years after that, Pasteur discovered bacteria, and those doctors scratched their heads, saying “Maybe Semmelweiss was right?”

Today is not that much different.  Too many MD’s are “educationally handicapped” by wrong things that they learned in med school (usually many years previously from text books even older).  They are further handicapped by reading (and believing) medical journal information.  All Medical Journals are entirely supported by drug advertising, and cannot ever publish anything favorable to vitamins or other supplements common to the Alternate Health field or they lose their income. 

Vitamin C in Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman worries about the latest “scare”.  Swine flu virus in this spring of 2009, as this is written.   The worsening birth rate of autism creates heavy worries for all pregnant women. 

How about a really cheap, yet effective way to prevent either of those?  Here it is.  Go to a discount store such as Costco or Walmart.  Get a bottle of 500 pills of 1000mg (1 gram).of Vitamin C 

Start taking two of those pills at breakfast and two at dinner.  Take any vitamins, supplements or other drugs at lunch, so that any minerals in those aren’t taken out of the body by the vitamin C.  Total cost under $30 for the whole nine months.  Pretty cheap for such insurance,

Vitamin C does many things very well: 

1.  It “chelates” all minerals in the bloodstream combining with them into a harmless form that is water soluble, and this is filtered out of the bloodstream by the kidneys and out of the body via urine.  That’s important, because in the polluted world, the mother may have a near toxic level of mercury, or lead, or other heavy metal that can destroy brain cells.   She is likely to not know this unless she has had mineral analysis by blood, urine, or hair.  By taking the amount above, for at least six to nine months, the mother’s toxic level (and the babies) will be lowered sufficiently, so that at birth the baby’s tiny liver will be able to handle additional loads of mercury from vaccines and other toxic sources.

2.  What Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know is that Vitamin C kills both bacteria and virus cells in the blood.  However to do this the blood has to be saturated long enough to kill all that are present.  With this amount, the blood is saturated twice a day.  This gives fair to good protection against colds and flu’s for the mother and the baby.  This also lessens considerably the possibility of high temperatures that may be dangerous to the fetus.  (In flu season, I up that to 3 grams at both times, )

Many MD’s ignorant of the above facts still oppose this usage due to the lies and phony research funded by Big Pharma.  There are many “horror” stories spread about vitamin C.  These include the following:

    a. Vitamin C causes abortion or miscarriage. 

F. R. Klenner, MD (( gave high doses (5000 to 10,000 mg/day) to 300 women during pregnancy with no miscarriages

    b. Vitamin C causes Kidney damage and/or kidney stones:

Totally false – in fact, knowledgeable MD’s use vitamin C to help dissolve kidney stones, and to treat kidney and bladder infections. 

    c. Vitamin C is useless against viruses and bacteria:
This is supposedly backed by several “scientific tests”, mostly funded by Big Pharma.  In such tests, these “scientists” used only 500 mg of vitamin C (that’s their definition of a megavitamin since the RDA is only 75 mg.  That amount will prevent scurvy, BUT, it isn’t nearly enough for good health!

The major flaw in that research is that 500 mg cannot begin to saturate the bloodstream to kill ALL the virus and bacteria cells.  Both multiply in a binary fashion doubling about every 20 minutes.  If 500 mg of vitamin C only kills half the germ cells present, 20 minutes after the vitamin C is “used up”, the germs are back to where they started and 20 minutes more and they’ve doubled again. 

The results of such a “scientific” test are not true, and Big Pharma knows it, but they keep using such phony research as they will lose a lot of money if the true facts about vitamin C are known.  It’s much cheaper than their drugs, much safer, and at least as effective. 

Here’s a fact that’s true.  The only side effect of overdosing of Vitamin C is diarrhea.   Anyone who tells you different is mistaken, and probably misled by years of Big Pharma’s lies. 

Pre-natal Vitamin Supplements

Did you know that the vitamins prescribed by your doctor aren’t nearly enough for good health during pregnancy?  Doctors make money prescribing them, and Big Pharma makes money from them. 

I’ve checked many of the formulas available by prescription, and compared them to many others that are available at your neighborhood vitamin store.  At similar or even lower prices, you can get much better multivitamin/mineral formulas.  I personally recommend and take Solgar’s VM-75.
It is more expensive than many pre-natal ones, but it has several times the B complex (needed for stress), a good amount of all nutritional minerals.  I have searched for an equal at a lower price, but haven’t found one in 30+ years.  I’ve used and recommended it for years, and I don’t even get a discount from Solgar. 

Take a VM-75 pill at noon every day.  Do not take your vitamin C with it;  allow 4 hours between these two, so that the vitamin C in these amounts does not take out what you need. In     

Of course, ignore any fairy stories or lies about the dangers of multi-vitamins. 

You may want to add additional zinc just to avoid “stretch marks”.  15-30 mg is OK.

Please note that the above advice does NOT guarantee a healthy baby to all, just to a huge majority.  There are genetic factors, accident factors, the mother’s emotional states, etc that all have the potential of causing damage to the fetus.  However, with the above, all problems are much lessened for a very affordable cost.  Pass this Article on to any pregnant women you know. 

Let’s look at a few ideas (myths or lies) that have been promoted by Big Pharma that many, if not most MD’s believe.

The published RDA for vitamins is the right amount to take daily.

Vitamin C causes kidney damage and kidney stones and abortions.

Vitamin C is useless used against colds flus and bacterial infections

Vitamin E is useless for heart problems.

Vitamin D is only needed in small amounts and dangerous otherwise.

If you believe any of the above, you’ve been misinformed.  None of the above is even close to truth!

The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) was originally the MDA (Minimum Recommended Allowance).  These are the vitamin and mineral daily amounts which are enough to keep most people from deficiency diseases such as beriberi, scurvy, and pellagra.  Those amounts were determined by labs commissioned by the US government to determine these.  They are insufficient for good health!

Do you see the huge difference between RDA and MDA?  That choice of wording successfully lobbied for by food manufacturers (and Big Pharma) makes it seem that their foods are much better than they really are in nutrition, and more people actually get sick and use drugs on those amounts..

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