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Abortion: What Are The Costs?

The Supreme Court of the US ruled 1979 that abortions may be conducted up until the time that a baby can live outside its mother’s womb, which is estimated to be the twenty eighth week of a pregnancy.

This is the same ruling that gave “Jane Roe” the right to abortion. Since then, different states have tried to restrict abortions in various ways, but at this time, it cannot be banned.

When a woman is considering having an abortion, there are several factors and costs that she must take into consideration.

With Health Insurance

Approximately 67% of the health insurance companies include elective abortion in their plan and cover the costs, treating abortion as an outpatient surgical procedure. Every insurance plan is different. Anyone who is has decided to terminate an unwanted pregnancy and hopes to be able to use their health insurance should closely evaluate their insurance policy to determine if it is included in the plan. If it is covered, the next important step is to find out if there are any deductibles and if there would be any co-payment amounts required for an outpatient procedure. Depending on the plan, this amount can vary between the first $75 to $500.

If you don’t have Health Insurance

Patients who don’t have health insurance, or those whose health insurance does not cover elective abortion, will find that the costs vary depending on the location, the type of procedure used, and the length of pregnancy.

Women who cannot afford the expense of terminating a pregnancy may be able to seek assistance with state agencies or through private donor funding which might help with paying a part of the fee. There is also Medicare, which covers the cost of abortion in some states. For additional information, please go to the Medicare website. Taking time off from work

It may be necessary to take some time off from work after the abortion. Although your body will take about 6 weeks to heal completely and become fully normal, some women may wish to take some personal time away from work after the procedure, for rest and recuperation. Lost wages should be factored into the cost for the abortion. Mental Health Counseling

Many people need someone to discuss and work out the mental and emotional health issues they experience after undergoing an abortion. Seeking the services of a mental health professional can cost between $20 to $100 per hour depending on whether or not a patient has health insurance that allows for this services. For many women this may not be necessary; however, in the event that is does, this should also be considered with financial planning. Follow-up Visits

As with any surgery, there is always the possibility of complications arising. Depending on health insurance coverage, the costs could range between $25-35 to $200. It is also important to consider any possible procedures or tests that may be needed.

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