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About The Impacts of The Health Care Reform

In March 2010, the United States Congress succeeded in an attempt to pass a reformation of healthcare. It was an unparalleled success compared to it predecessors. However, the legislation continues to cause concern as to whether healthcare reform will provide improvements to the heath care system.

Most individuals living in developed countries support improvements within any healthcare system. People with certain conditions find healthcare insurance difficult and often impossible to obtain. This is a reflection of the high cost for medical treatments. Health insurance is a product designed to protect some individuals and is paid by all others insured. That is the purpose. Very few individuals in the middle and lower class can afford the high cost of medical treatment especially long-term hospital care. Healthy people will cover the cost of expensive treatments through insurance premiums.

One positive outcome of healthcare reform would be coverage for people with serious medical conditions incapable of receiving insurance. People with inherited diseases, for example, would not be penalized for heredity conditions or denied coverage. Healthcare reform brings certain fairness to the system.

However, the negative effects should not be denied. Healthcare reform that adds millions of people to the insurance industry will have associated costs. It is difficult to imagine reform being budget-neutral. Time will be the key factor in determination of success for reform. Some aspects have proven successful in other countries as well as complications associated with universal health care. Governments could mediate not control the healthcare system. It is wise to look for places of improvement without sacrificing quality.

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