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Am I Too Old For Life Insurance? I Guess Not

My twenty one year old son asked me the other day what kind of insurance policy he should take after he gets a job. He didn’t ask me if I had an insurance policy. As a matter of fact I don’t and I am scared. Being a working single mother all my life did not leave me with much time or money to deliberate over a life insurance policy. What I didn’t know at that time was that life insurance rate differs from person to person and that there are many cheap life insurance options available. The high premium rates that I was hearing about kept me from actually approaching an insurance company and finding out about the most affordable life insurance rates. It spooks me out just to think about what would have happened to my son and daughter if something had happened to me.

But a life insurance policy doesn’t come cheap at this age. But finally I gathered the nerve to look around and find what I can do for my little family even if it’s late. My first step was to find life insurance rate online and I was surprised at the number of sites that are ready to give out a life insurance quote for free. And it wasn’t such a dire situation even for those like me above fifty years of age! Considering that I am in reasonably good health and thankfully with no history of any kind of cancer in my family or other malignant diseases, I received reasonably priced quotes without much ado. The world is moving towards a healthy life style. Insurance policies have come out of their comfort zones and started offering insurances for seventy, even eighty year old people. Of course, the elderly cannot expect more than funeral expenses to be covered through an insurance policy taken that late in life.

There are term policies available for people of my age up to twenty years at a surprisingly cheap life insurance rate. Thankfully both my children are going to be self sufficient in about three years, so I might not need such a long term. But I do not want them to get into trouble over the mortgage I had taken on the house to fund their education. So I decided to take up a term policy for the next five years so that all the debts can be taken care of in the worst case scenario. None of us would like to think about ‘what’s next’ but we must. Those who are left behind are the worst part of death. So take care of them. The best life insurance rate is out there for anybody looking for it and I suggest anybody who hasn’t taken a policy to go for it.

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