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Are Dental Veneer Costs Justifiable?

Dental veneers are expensive, but they are a solution to many solutions whereby the dental veneers cost are justifiable. Most people are the results far outweigh the dental veneers cost.

Dental veneers are used as a solution to cracks, chips, incorrect spacing, skew tooth alignment and worn tooth enamels. Dental veneers cost depends on factors such as the dentist’s rates, the technical skills and artistry of the veneers, the location, materials and the number of veneers required. Your dental insurance may not cover cosmetic procedures, which would add to your payment.

Resin veneers are a lot less costly than porcelain veneers that may cost anywhere from $900 per tooth to $2,500 and are expected to last ten to fifteen years, whereas resin veneers last about 5-7 years and cost between $250-%1500 each. Some dentists are happy to offer easy payment terms for cosmetic procedures.

Usually a dental veneer procedure is completed within 2 sessions spaced over 6 weeks. The procedure includes a lot of examination and preparation, hence visits could be quite long. During examination, many factors are considered and this is essential as oral well-being needs to be assessed and problems addressed before treatment can commence.

The first step in the procedure is local anaesthetic to dull the pain and discomfort whilst veneer is applied. The tooth is then reshaped slightly using a small handheld cutting device that rotates to create the best possible fit. This rotational device is called a bur.

Your dentists will then make an impression of the teeth which is used to make a mould of your mouth. The impression is then sent to an external dental laboratory that will professionally create your veneers. Some dentists’ rooms have dental labs and technicians as well as CAD/CAM technology in-house which means that everything can be done in one visit, but most work with external labs.

If an outside lab is going to create your veneers, you may get temporary veneers at the first visit. This will give you an idea of the outcome you can expect. If veneer is going to be placed on more than one tooth and enough enamel remains, your dentist may choose to save you the additional cost of temporary veneers. Shaping the teeth may leave them more sensitive to cold and heat. This should ease off with the placement of the permanent veneers.

Ceramic veneers due to their glass like nature resemble enamel. When ceramic veneers are struck by light they are not reflected immediately. It actually penetrates the enamel and is later reflected by the opaque tooth. This adds lustre to the teeth. This gives patients really white shiny smiles and is well worth the investment for the aesthetic results achieved.

Once the permanent veneers are placed, no recovery period is needed. Your dentist will also discuss with you the best ways to look after the veneers to maximize their longevity.

Although dental veneers cost a lot, their cosmetic purpose outweighs their cost, especially on visible teeth. There is absolutely no doubt about that!

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