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Are Discount Dental Plans Better Than Dental Insurance?

Aetna Dental plans are discount dental plans which are totally different from dental insurance schemes. Dental insurance reimburses you for all dental care expenses, but discounted dental plans offer much more. Discount dental plans offer you a generous discount on every dollar you spend on dental care. Dental Insurance can be rather expensive to opt for and it mostly becomes difficult to pay for expensive dental insurance premiums. More than 100 million people in USA are estimated to be not covered by any dental insurance plan.

Unlike dental insurance, discount dental plans have no yearly limits and no tedious paperwork hassles. One can start saving right away especially with a discount dental plan and some plans even offer savings on cosmetic dentistry, orthodontia and other dental specialties. To top it all, most dental plans have no annual limits too!

This is where these discount dental plans which are reasonably priced but offer great discounts come handy and take the pressure off you and your family. You can also use dental plans and dental insurance together to increase savings. You can pay lower prices for dental treatment using your membership card even if you’re covered by insurance.

When you’re a member of any discount dental plan, then you can always assure your self of a healthy discount by showing your membership card at any of their sponsored dentists. You can get a discount right away on all types of dental treatments like

  • dental examinations
  • dental cleanings,
  • x-rays,
  • fluoride treatments,
  • dentures,
  • gum surgery,
  • extraction of wisdom teeth,
  • Fillings, crowns, bridges etc.

They have various discount dental plans that cover individuals and families. There are absolutely no health restrictions and get instantly approved to save between 10% and 60% on all dental expenses. There’s absolutely no paperwork because it is the dentist that you pay to and get discounts on receiving the discounted dental service. No age limits are required and even no background checks. No problem if you have a bad tooth just 4 days back, you can still avail of discounted dental plans.

Some discount dental plans will also save your money on other healthcare equipment, prescription drugs, eye-glasses, hearing aids etc.

Internet has made it quite easier for all people to research dental plan prices with the click of a mouse. It’s essential to research first to find the cheapest and the best. Since plans are priced based on geographic region, you will need to enter your zip code first to get the relevant quotes.

This is one of the samples of an unnamed dental plan which is discounted!

  • You don’t have to wait! Instant Savings! No Paperwork! The Plan is affordable and simple!
  • The Plan includes everyone in the house even if they are not blood relations.
  • This is not a dental insurance plan; it is a discounted dental program, therefore, anybody and everybody has guaranteed acceptance. Save more than 40-60% on dental treatments for the year…no limits whatsoever. All ongoing dental problems are accepted, except for orthodontic treatment already in progress.
  • The dental plan requires you can use one of the participating providers listed out by us. Otherwise it is essential to issue a request to the company to contact one of your providers to become a part of our list of providers. You can see the list on our website for more details.

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Details: Here the author Brendon Buthello writes about discount dental plans which are totally different from dental insurance. They have various discount dental plans that cover individuals and families.

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