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Are You New to Massachusetts Health Insurance?

For those who are new to massachusetts health insurance, there are certain things to remember. With a lot of helpful information available online, we in this article have compiled a few essential tips to make your health insurance policy selection a hassle free procedure. The first tip is to compare online medical plans and save on time. Take time to find out about the best massachusetts health policies at an affordable rate. The best thing about looking up online is that you can easily compare the plans and their advantages on your own before having to talk to representatives.

As is the rule, massachusetts health companies offer free services online as well as free instant quotes. All you need to do to get the free services is fill up a secure application form, shortly after which you have the desired right before you. In case there are queries, the insurance companies in Massachusetts have licensed medical or health staff to assist you with your queries over the telephone.

Temporary or Short Term Health Insurance Massachusetts

Short term or temporary medical insurance helps to get you covered for a limited period of time. Although this is a particular type of insurance that may not be suitable for every person, this is a plan that is utilized by people who are about to change one job from another, laid off or seasonal employees and even young adults who are being put off from their parents’ health coverage benefits. The duration of the short term health policies in Massachusetts may be between 6 months to a year.

As far as the insurance forms are concerned, those for the temporary or short term policies are simpler. The coverage starts as fast as within 24 hours, and caters to illnesses and accident risks. Just as the plan is a temporary one, short term medical insurance does not cover preventive care, pre existing health conditions as well as dental or eye related conditions. In case there are pre existing medical conditions, check with your COBRA entitlements.

Keep your Insurance after You’ve Lost your Job

Don’t be scared if you are unemployed, as insurance can still operate in this situation. For example, if your wife is about to deliver, you don’t want to lose the maternity insurance in any way. The insurance covered by COBRA, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, lasts longer than short term insurance, but despite that, its effects are temporary – 18 months. If you are not well informed about temporary coverage, sit down with a reliable agent.

There are also the HIPAA laws and you could have them cover your Massachusetts health policy. It is not he case that with a pre existing condition, a temporary health plan helps to get you covered. You might actually be rendered ineligible with the new plan. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act can help by offering you immediate accessibility to comparative coverage while you are quitting a job that offered coverage.

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