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Children’s Medical Insurance

Let us talk in this article about children’s medical insurance:

Experience of all the parents shows that as soon as the child starts to go to a kindergarten it result every week in having the bronchitis and other respiratory diseases recovering from which occupies considerable time. As a result, the child visits a preschool educational institution in a mode «week in a garden and 2 weeks at home».

Adults were always extremely excited with a state of health of their children that in time has been estimated by financial institutions and the new direction of medical insurance of children has opened. Medical insurance of children is a product so specific that stipulating all questions concerning the policy, costs at once is not capable.

For today medical insurance of children is carried out by many insurance companies (whereas children are included into group of the raised risk) and it is getting popularity due to the increasing interest in confidence of parents of the future of their child.

Medical insurance of children is carried out directly and indirectly. Direct insurance of children or children’s medical insurance will manage to parents not very expensively (on the average cost of 400$) though the similar policy on the adult person costs more cheaply (100-300$). It is connected with that children are ill more often and also can have nonspecific traumas.

Policies of medical insurance of children give confidence of tomorrow for parents. The worthy clinic, the polite medical personnel, departure of the doctor on the house, convenient transportation and many other things positively influence a choice of the insurance company parents.

However at the conclusion of such policy it is necessary to specify without fail about places of granting of different consultations that they were carried out whenever possible in one clinical centre. It will relieve you in the future from superfluous inconveniences and worries about the insured child. Such insurance is quite defensible.

But, it is necessary not to forget to warn people who surround your kid in your absence that the child is insured, to inform them about the number of an insurance policy and to leave all phones where it is necessary to address. Insurance payments (or payment of medical services) almost always exceed an insurance payment and at heavy pathology or at serious trauma they are essentially bigger.

Indirect insurance of children is called accumulative insurance on the child including the insurance of parents stipulated by the policy in case of a serious trauma or death of one of parents. It means that the members of a family are insured, but in the meantime guarantees are given on accumulation of means on the account for the future entrant of a higher educational institution or on other purposes.

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