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COBRA Benefits for Maryland Health Insurance

There are a lot of people who are not sure about the functions of the COBRA legislation and how it benefits your maryland health insurance. If you have recently been laid off and have no funds to fend for yourself, this means that there is no money to obtain medical insurance too. In such a situation, you do not even want to send money to your previous employer for obtaining the benefits of health insurance. But then, this is something that you have to do. You are likely to be covered by the maryland health insurance COBRA plan or health insurance policy that is being provided by your employer.

You are required to make payments for the premiums and once you do that, you can stay covered by the COBRA benefits without having to face any kind of lapses. You will be entitled to all of these benefits thanks to the insurance plan of your erstwhile employer.

How is COBRA Beneficial?

COBRA is a plan that has redefined the nuances of health insurance coverage. Before 1986, losing a job amounted to losing the health insurance coverage for yourself as well as your family members who were likely to be covered by your employer. The COBRA act – Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act – had been passed in 1986 for allowing employees the right to carry forward the health insurance coverage that is provided by your employer. The meaning is that you get to receive the similar benefits – but that should come from your own pocket. As far as maryland health insurance is concerned, COBRA requires your former employer to provide coverage for medical insurance for you as well as your dependents.

Contingencies Covered by COBRA

Although there are certain conditions for which you need to qualify, this is a far better alternative if your health suffers frequently. The conditions or parameters for eligibility include:

Demise of the employee
Lay off or firing or termination without the employee being at fault
Reduction in the working hours of the employee for reasons other than gross misconduct
Divorce of spouse or legal separation
Children who have lost their dependent status while being covered by the plan
If the employee is eligible for Medicare

The provisions of health insurance extended by COBRA are applicable to private employers who have a minimum of about 20 employees. It is also a part of the job of the state as well as local authorities to ensure coverage under the COBRA plan. There are certain health insurance provisions that do not apply to the programs which the federal government sponsors or the church sponsored plans.

In case you are a previous employee that is yet to receive the benefits of continuation that is extended by COBRA health insurance, you should agree to pay the premiums of the plan, which so long your employee had been doing. In case you lose eligibility on group coverage, look for an alternative. Special enrollment options allow you to register without having to wait for an enrollment season.

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