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Dental Implant Cost Considerations For You

About 20 years ago people suddenly found they had an option besides dentures. However, this option ‘ dental implants ‘ wasn’t covered by insurance companies. They believed dental implants were nothing more than cosmetic improvements that should be paid for completely by the patient. And they did! But even after two decades, dental implants cost the same.

The quality has certainly made some gains even though the prices have remained roughly the same. The original manufacturers couldn’t quite perfect a product that adhered itself permanently to the jawbone, and a few brands had some problems with loosening.

Each implant manufacturer has a certain procedure that needs to be followed in order to use their implants. Oral surgeons, in turn, need to be trained by each manufacturer to learn the details of each type of surgery.

Although the basis is the same, there are a few processes unique to each. Because of this level of training, implants can cost over $1500 for each ‘ and most patients need multiple implants.

Getting implants is a multi-stage process. Both your dentist and the implant surgeon have their roles. Because of this, you will have two bills to pay ‘ one for your dentist and one for your surgeon. The implant itself is about $1500, but that’s only a portion of the process. You also need to pay the dentist for the tooth / teeth that will be attached to the implant(s).

Some patients will need to have a tooth pulled before the procedure begins. If this is done, the patient might have the extraction done by his dentist or another oral surgeon depending on the location of the tooth and its condition. If it’s considered a risky procedure, the oral surgeon is probably the one to do it. After this happens, you will need to wait a few weeks for the area to completely heal.

When you ready to start, the surgeon will start the process by cutting small openings in your gums where the implants will go. He will then drill holes into which he will place the actual implants. After this he will put in a few stitches, send you home, and wait about a month for you to heal. You may need to go back to have your sutures removed after two weeks or so.

Because these are expensive, most surgeons will do everything possible to give you what you need to improve your appearance, allow you to chew, and remain as cost effective as possible. For instance, if you are missing four teeth, you may only need two or three implants to get you back to normal.

After you heal, you then head back to your dentist to have the impressions made for your new teeth. The new teeth are eventually glued onto the tiny portion of the implant posts that are protruding from the gum line. This is probably the least painful portion of the entire process. Keep in mind that after these are placed, these are now considered permanent and should be cared for accordingly.

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