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Economic Stressors Result in Increased Need For Mental Health Benefits in Health Insurance Georgia

Mental health benefits are usually an optional service when it comes to individual health insurance Georgia policies. Customers can choose to include or exclude these services, in order to manage their health insurance Georgia monthly premiums. Many individuals who purchase individual health insurance Georgia policies agree to exclude mental health benefits in order to keep their monthly premiums low. Perhaps the health insurance Georgia policy was purchased when life stressors were at a minimum, or children were young, and mental health services seemed to not be a priority.

However, the last couple of years have resulted in a lot of financial life stressors for a number of Georgia families. The recession, unemployment, and financial difficulties have led to many changes in many families. Life has become much more difficult and stressful, and this has affected all family members, not just the adults. Many mental health care professionals have reported an increase in prospective client phone calls and interest in therapy services. However, many people calling to pursue counseling are shocked to find out that their health insurance Georgia policy does not provide benefits for mental health care. Therefore, they are completely responsible for the costs of mental health care services. Although some mental health professionals will provide services at a sliding scale for those without health insurance Georgia plans, many families struggle to come up with the necessary finances to pay for these services out of pocket.

Therefore, it is important when you are purchasing a health insurance Georgia policy, to consider future medical needs, not just current needs. The purpose of a health insurance Georgia plan is to provide financial help in order that an individual can receive necessary medical and health treatment or preventive treatment when they need it, without having a huge financial burden. Having a health insurance Georgia policy provides peace of mind. It is important to look at a health insurance Georgia policy as a safety net, and not an unnecessary expense. Planning ahead is a wise move.

One group of people that would benefit from mental health benefits being included in their health insurance Georgia policy are adolescents. Children are affected by the financial problems their parents are having, but because they have no control over finances, they may feel more helpless than their parents. Additionally, often children do not have enough knowledge or maturity to understand all of the external circumstances that are affecting their current financial situation. Therefore, the lack of knowledge, or maturity, contributes to their having negative emotions or feelings about the current stressors, without any understanding of the whole picture. Sometimes the financial problems of the parents lead to changes in life style, or a more limited social or travel experience. This can result in a teenager’s social isolation or emotional difficulty, if they suddenly feel alienated from their peers. Families that have a health insurance Georgia plan with mental health coverage can seek services from a mental health professional to help their adolescent deal with these emotions.

So consider adding mental health benefits to your current individual health insurance Georgia policy. This can be done through a rider that is added to your policy, like a supplement.

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