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General Insurance – Save Yourself From Heavy Losses

Life assurance, also known as life insurance, is a contract between the two parties, one the person who is to be insured and other the insurance company. According to this contract the insurance company will pay the beneficiary appointed by the insured in case of the death of the insured. Also in event of other problems like illness a smaller amount is paid by the insurance company. For getting this sum, insured person pays a fixed amount of instalments after a fixed time also known as premium. Life insurance can be divided into temporary insurance and permanent insurance. Temporary insurance is generally for only the death cases for a particular period with a fixed premium. Permanent life insurance is permanent in nature and cannot be cancelled by insurer unless there is some fraud committed in the application process. Permanent life insurance can be of many types like Whole life coverage, Accidental death insurance or limited pay insurance.


All other types of insurances, like property insurance, health insurance, accidental insurance, fall into the category of general insurance. When going for the property insurance you should always insure against the market value of the property, so that if at some point you have to make a claim then a fine is not imposed on you. When your property suffers some accidental damage and you are claiming insurance for it then you will be paid the insurance money only for the amount you have insured and for underinsuring you will have to bear half of the insurance money. In other cases like health insurance the insurance company will foot all of your hospital bills and you can pay the bills initially in either cash which will be reimbursed to you later or in a cashless way. General insurance for property or health are necessary for every home because you face such problems on day-to-day basis and it is better if you can save some money through these insurance policies.

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