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Get More Health Insurance, Georgia Residents!

The state of Georgia needs to work hard to improve its low ranking as having too many people without health insurance Georgia plans. Approximately 40% of the state’s population does not have health insurance Georgia policies. This is too many people.

The rate of unemployment in the state is part of the reason why so many people are lacking adequate health insurance Georgia plans. Many people get their health insurance Georgia plan through their employer, who subsidizes a portion or all of the premium costs. This makes having health insurance Georgia plans much more affordable to many people. Another advantage of being enrolled in a group health insurance Georgia business plan is that you cannot be denied coverage due to poor health or a chronic illness.

However, as the economy affects many local businesses and industries, many people have been laid off their full-time employment, and therefore have lost their health insurance Georgia plan. This is very unfortunate for Georgia residents. While some people do have COBRA health insurance Georgia policies, this can get expensive. Many people look for alternatives to COBRA by purchasing their health insurance Georgia plan through the private market.

Health Insurance Georgia Plans for the Self-Employed or Business Owner

A growing number of Georgia residents are going into business for themselves, or starting a small company. This is an excellent option for those who have the time, ambition and drive to succeed. However, it often takes a long time to see a profit. This makes paying for a health insurance Georgia policy challenging. It can be especially difficult if you are the sole provider of health insurance Georgia medical coverage for your family and you have children who have medical needs. Most people agree that it is very important that children have high quality health insurance Georgia policies.

Don’t forget that the state of Georgia does offer some health insurance Georgia alternative plans for minor children who meet certain financial need criteria. If you find yourself without any health insurance Georgia policies, and you can demonstrate financial need, do consider these health insurance Georgia alternative plans. Contact the Georgia state government agency that handles Medicaid or Peachcare for more information.

There are several large health insurance Georgia carriers who offer health insurance to Georgia residents. You can choose from many different health insurance Georgia plans in order to find one that is affordable and yet meets the medical needs of you and your family. Be sure to consider whether you want to also have dental, vision, and behavioral health benefits included in your health insurance Georgia policy.

When it comes to health insurance, Georgia residents need to step it up. It is important that more Georgia residents have health insurance Georgia plans. The costs of not having health insurance, Georgia residents, can affect the state and the economy of the state, as tax payers are ultimately bearing the burden of unpaid medical bills. Business owners are encouraged to contribute to employees’ health insurance Georgia premiums. And those who are self-employed are encouraged to seek health insurance Georgia plans through the private market and the many large health insurance Georgia carriers that do business in our state.

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