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Health Insurance in CA For The Self-Employed

Is health insurance a boon or a bane? It is a question on which people can argue till the cows come home and still not be any wiser.

At one end of the spectrum are the people, whose lives have been saved by different types of medical insurances, including California Individual Health Insurance, which made personally unaffordable medical treatment available to them. At the other end of the spectrum are people who have paid through their nose for medical coverage but were refused it because the insurance company decreed it that their condition was a ‘pre-existing’ one. Hanging in the middle are the myriad uninsured people who have no health insurance in CA or anywhere else.

The uninsured people, from the state of California, are likely to be in need of California Individual Health Insurance. Those who need individual health insurance in CA are mainly those who are not covered under any group insurance because they are either not working, or are self-employed. Insurance providers are often apprehensive of providing California Individual Health Insurance to self-employed people, as the companies are doubtful about their credit worthiness and ability to pay the premium on time.

Health insurance in CA may become available to a self-employed if his or her spouse is covered under a group health insurance plan provided by the spouse’s employer. Many group health insurance in CA automatically cover the spouse also. Sometimes an individual may leave an employer and start self-employment on his own. In that case he has the right to extend up to 18 months, the employer-sponsored group health insurance in CA under which he was covered. This will give him time to make alternate arrangement for his California Individual Health Insurance. However, during this time he has to pay the premium of the insurance himself.

After the 18-month period when he will lose the benefit of keeping the group health insurance in CA, he can buy a California Individual Health Insurance from any one of the myriad insurance companies that offer California Individual Health Insurance. A little searching around and comparing quotes will be necessary to select the right one, but it should not be difficult considering the number of sites that offer a whole range of covers available for the area where you are stationed. The snag in shifting out of the employer-sponsored health insurance in CA to a private California Individual Health Insurance is that the latter is unlikely to cover any pre-existing condition. As long as the person is within the protective arms of the former, he gets coverage for his pre-existing medical problems also.

Besides the self-employed, those who seek California Individual Health Insurance are those who find their employer-sponsored group coverage insufficient, or those who need additional health insurance in CA for their family members.

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