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Health Insurance in Georgia is for Minorities Too

Georgia has a poor ranking when it comes to uninsured state residents. There are more than 1.5 million people who do not have health insurance in Georgia. A large percentage of this number are minority Georgia residents who do not have health insurance in Georgia.
The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) is participating in April being Minority Health Month. They are bringing public attention to the need for health insurance in Georgia, and health care related issues that affect minorities throughout the state. Some disturbing statics include that the death rate of African-American babies in the first year of life is twice as high as that of white babies in Georgia. Having access to health care, having health insurance in Georgia, and seeking preventive services or medical treatment when ill, will all lead to better outcomes for minorities. Therefore, it is important that the government work hard to increase the number of people that can afford to purchase health insurance in Georgia.
Other minorities are at higher risks than whites too. For example, Hispanics in Georgia have a doubly high chance of dying from heart disease than whites in Georgia. Heart disease can be prevented, and maybe treated, through medical services that are usually covered by health insurance in Georgia. Increasing the number of Hispanic Georgia residents who have health insurance in Georgia will increase the number of people who receive preventive care or medical treatment, and will lead to a reduction in heart disease related deaths among the Georgia Hispanic population.
The death rate due to cardiovascular disease is higher for African Americans than for whites. Health insurance in Georgia would help provide medical treatment for minority Georgia residents, who would then have better access to quality medical care. These are terrible statistics for minority residents of Georgia. This also points out the need to improve the access to health insurance in Georgia, and in turn, to medical care.
Certain diseases, such as diagnosed diabetes, also seem to be affecting minorities more than whites. African Americans have 60% more chance of having diabetes than non-Hispanic whites. Native Americans have the highest rate of diabetes in the world. Diabetes is a disease that can be managed with proper health care. Therefore, if you are one of those diagnosed with diabetes, you would truly benefit from the coverage that having health insurance Georgia would provide. With health insurance in Georgia, you would have access to many excellent doctors and other health care professionals that can provide you with treatment, resources, education, and information to help you manage your diabetes so that it does not have a major negative impact on your life and your future.
The Director of the Department of Community Health states that the goal of his department is to promote equal access to quality health care for all of Georgia. This includes helping more residents have health insurance in Georgia, and creating services that will benefit minorities as well. Other programs the DCH develops are different types of health insurance Georgia that will provide coverage and benefits for Georgia residents. These include the Peach Care for Kids program too, and Medicaid services. These programs provide health insurance in Georgia to children under the age of 21.

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