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Health insurance – Managed Care Plans

Insurance is an act, a system, or a policy that insures the property or life of a person against any loss or harm due to sudden calamity like accident, death, fire, etc. Health insurance is the insurance of a person related to his or her health. There are several insurance plans offered either by the government or some private organization. It is beneficial for you in terms of cost or expenditure due to health problems.

Need of hospitalization requires a big deal of money which can be overcome by the insurance plans. Before getting any type of insurance plan, one needs to determine his insurance type which suits him best. As there are many insurance plans available, it might be very confusing to opt for one. Each country or state has different insurance plans.

In America, people with health insurance get the health care from a managed care plan. There are three types of managed care plan. One is Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). In this plan one needs to choose a physician who looks after his total health care.

Second are Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). In this plan you do not need to find a physician. Third are Point of Service (POS) Plans. It is a combination of both the previous plans i.e. HMOs and PPOs. There is also‘long term care’ insurance. If a person is suffering from a chronic disease, this plan would be suitable for him. In this plan your daily activities like eating, bathing etc. are looked after. Long term care can be provided at home, nursing homes or in adult day care programs. The long term plan is very expensive. It varies according to the type of facilities one wants.

Author: Imran writes on different health related topics like best acne treatment methods.

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