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Health Insurance: The New-age Bomb Squad You Need!

Do you have a crisp white shirt or a short black dress that cost a bomb, and yet has rarely seen the light of the day or rather night? Though worn occasionally, such expenses can be easily justified by most of us as – emergency clothing to avoid last minute panic! Emergency funds can be for absolutely anything. However, have you safeguarded your health sufficiently? Pause. Long pause. No?

Time for a Reality Check

In the much clichéd era of industrialization, there are multifarious diseases, few even unheard of, which can strike without even raising a red alarm. Even if you are healthy as a horse and have got the muscles of a well-fed lion, the uncertainty of life leaves everyone at risk. The long drawn list of prescribed medicines and hospitalization could turn out to be nightmare that would require you to make a cheque in its name, and a big one at that! It is precisely for this reason that it becomes crucial to opt for a health insurance that gives you sufficient coverage and protects you and your loved ones.

Numbers TALK!

According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), in United States of America, over 18000 extra deaths are associated with lack of coverage. This directly puts under the scanner the stark difference between insured and uninsured people. Health insurance not only ensures that you get timely medical assistance but it also enables you to take ample preventive measures. A shortfall in timely care and screening procedures is documented as one of the leading causes for diseases like cancer. Health problems such as, high blood pressure and cholesterol goes unidentified for long due to delay in testing.

Get a facelift with a Health Insurance?

A health insurance not just covers your health, but it also provides you financial security. While it may not necessarily cover charges of your cosmetic surgery, but it will surely put your mind at rest knowing that your health and finances are both secured. Health insurance, thus, is the contemporary bomb squad that protects you and your loved ones before the silent health alarm even starts to ring.

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