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History of Medigap Plan Health Insurance

The origin of the health care insurance plans can be traced back in 1694 when it was first proposed by Hugh the Elder Chamberlen from the Peter Chamberlen family. The first form of health insurance plans was available in the market as the accidental insurance plans during the late 19th century. The first accidental insurance plans were somewhat like the modern day disability insurance plans. And until the start of the 20th century there were no other health care insurance plans other than these accidental insurance available in the market. Therefore the accident insurance plans can easily be considered as the first form of health care insurance available in the market. However after the regulation of the law during the beginning of the 20th century this type of insurance was categorized under the disability insurance.

According to this policy the individual policy holder has to pay annually, quarterly or monthly premiums as mentioned in the contract and on behalf of which the insurance company is bound to pay for the medical costs, co payments and deductibles as mentioned in the contract for the specified plan. You have to be sure that there will be no extra coverage or payments made by the company rather more than what is written in the contract. In Medicare supplement plans the individual will able to cover up his excess money which is not paid by the original policy. And this gap between the claim and the original having of money can be solved by these Medigap policies. Thus in this case if you need total coverage then you must be facing a need to have a Medicare Supplement Plan along with your Original Medicare policy so that you can pay off all your medical bills. And these plans are twelve standard Medicare supplement policies sold by some private companies. These plans are categorized under the letter covers A through L.

From our detail discussion it can be said that what a health insurance is known to all hopefully. As we are to discuss about the Medicare supplement plans or the Medigap plans that is why it is better to say that a health insurance plan is a helping aid for your unexpected medical costs. It is a contract between an individual and an insurance company in which the type and amount of health care costs that would be covered by the plan are specified and for which the individual agrees to pay premiums. These contracts are renewed either monthly or annually. But his basic thing is slightly different in our policies. From its very name you can imagine that there is some gap coverage between two things. Actually the original Medicare health plans are under government administration but these plans fails to pay all the costs spent in a treatment of the policy maker. In this position the person may face some real difficulties to have short of money. For their advantages solely some private companies have introduced this plan named Medigap plans or Medicare supplements plans which truly supplement the original plans responsively.

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