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How to Find Affordable Term Life Insurance During Tough Economic Times

Even though the recession is slowly churning over, many of us are still grappling with low salaries or lost jobs, some of us have lost homes, and some of us are struggling to make ends meet. The only ways to stay afloat are by cutting down on spending, and exploring cheaper alternatives on all our purchases.

Term life insurance is however, required.
Unfortunately, in the process of cutting corners, many feel that they can do away completely with life insurance, even with the comparatively cheaper term life insurance. However, if there is one thing that you need to keep during tough economic times, it is a term life insurance policy. Here’s why:

  • Even if you are knee-deep in debt, you should get a policy, because in the event that you declare bankruptcy, any insurance on your life won’t be taken over by the courts.
  • In the event of your death, without a term life insurance policy your family will have to pay off all your creditors, including your mortgage. This will prove to be a huge financial strain for them, especially as the recession has resulted in lesser equity and savings, and if they don’t have the means to pay, it could mean putting them in dire straits.

So life insurance is an absolute necessity during a recession. Luckily, there are ways to get affordable term life insurance.

How to get affordable term life insurance

Finding affordable life insurance that fits into your tight budget is not that difficult when you are armed with the knowledge of how to get the best value for money on your life insurance plan.

  1. Know the importance of accessing a reputed, unbiased multi-carrier agency website
    where you can do your preliminary research as well as consult with an agent as a great first step to buying cheap life insurance as you follow these guidelines:
  • A quote service on a reputed website can simplify the process of shopping around. However, use the quote service engine only as a benchmark of what you really need. This is because the so called ‘low life insurance rates’ that the industry often touts may not be available to you, if you can’t meet the underwriting guidelines. When accessing a quote service, remember to look for one that asks the most questions (pertaining not just to your medical health, but also your driving history, profession, hobbies, smoking habits, etc.) because your quote is likely to be truer, and more reflective of what your actual rate may be.
  • Don’t opt for the lowest rated quotes. They may lack some necessary features. Each life insurance product is different and beneath an attractive quote there could be riders and options that you don’t really need, or won’t adequately protect your interests. That is why it is important to use an online multi-carrier agency that offers you the chance to talk to their experts. An expert will be able to give you personal assistance on the right quote to choose. Some things to discuss with the expert are conversion options, the insurance carrier’s financial strength, etc.
  • Remember that a quote is just that, and until the underwriting process is complete, you won’t really know the rate you will qualify for. So be realistic and totally honest when you apply, to avoid disappointments later.
  • Each life insurance company assesses applications differently. e.g., Some companies may look more favorably on a history of cancer in the family, than do others. So when you first request quotes, and then discuss them with an unbiased agent, he should be able to tell you which companies are partial to your particular situation and provide guidance for you to make an informed decision. By finding the right company, the gains could be as much as 20% – 30%.
  1. Never rely completely on employer-funded group term plans, because in tough times, your job could be at risk. If you leave your workplace, you will suddenly find yourself uninsured, and will have to scout around for fresh policies. They may not come cheap especially as you may be older then, and possibly not in as good health.
  2. Don’t underestimate the importance of your medical exam. Take time to prepare for your term life insurance medical exam so that you can increase your chances of obtaining a more affordable term life insurance rate. e.g., you should switch over to a healthy diet at least a week prior to your exam. A good online agency will be able to give you complete information on how to prepare for your medical exam.
  3. If a lump sum payment seems like a lot of money, opt for monthly payments: In tough economic times lump sum annually paid premiums can be quite a strain on your finances. Though premiums are discounted at lump sum rates, if you feel you can manage monthly payments better, then opt for monthly payments until your financial situation improves.

Compared to a few years ago life insurance rates have come down now. However, times are still tough and instead of being the first item to get struck off your financial plan your life insurance should be elevated to #1 priority. It is better to have some life insurance than none at all. In the event of your death, it is the only financial plan that can take care of your debts, as well as provide for your family.
As explained earlier in this article, a good multi-carrier life insurance agency that offers unbiased advice from experts is key to helping you get the best quotes.

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