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Is it Time For Insurance And Employers to Start Partnering With Experienced Facilitator?

As companies seek to reduce their operating budgets, one of the places they can often find ways to cut costs is by reducing their employee healthcare spending. Unfortunately, reducing or cutting healthcare benefits packages can cause significant reductions in employee morale. How can companies reduce their healthcare spending while at the same time ensuring that their employees do not feel like their benefits package has decreased in value? Some employers and insurance companies are looking to the example set by private “medical tourists” for inspiration.

For years, “medical tourism” has been a term which brings to mind affordable plastic surgery and weight loss surgery abroad, more often than not resulting in negative consequences due to poor medical tourism aftercare. But these outdated stereotypes of the field are now giving way to a much more positive reputation, as companies and individuals find that they can actually put technologies like video conferencing and VoIP to use, benefiting both individuals who receive top-notch care, and the companies who are footing the bill for their treatments.

This is exciting news, because it’s at this stage that the real benefit of using medical tourism facilitators to find health professionals in foreign countries becomes evident. The best medical tourism companies are accessing this under-developed market by helping assemble interdisciplinary teams of medical professionals in far-flung locations where costs are more controlled. Patients and employers who once balked at the idea of receiving their medical treatment far from home feel more at ease once they have had extended conversations with their treatment teams, thus allowing insurance companies and employers to realize greater bottom-line savings.

What’s more, because any top 10 medical tourism company already has the connections and experience that will allow them to single out the best providers of health care at the lowest rates possible, an individual employer or insurance company does not have to invest time and money into building a healthcare network abroad. Instead, they can take advantage of the knowledge medical tourism companies have already gained.

As a result, employees and their dependents can obtain access to either higher-quality care at equal cost to their employers, or equivalent-quality care at lower costs. Companies that have previously only offered medical coverage may find that they are able to add low cost dental procedures and dental surgery abroad, thereby increasing the value of their employees’ compensation packages and actually improving morale!

Ultimately, medical tourism is a reality of today’s global healthcare world, and both employers and insurance companies can utilize the skills of the best medical tourism facilitators to provide excellent care at the lowest prices for their employees. In short, the time has indeed come for insurance companies and employers to start partnering with experienced medical tourism facilitators.

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